If you’d like to appreciate where you live, how you live and how Southern California stacks up in lifestyle satisfaction, all one needs to do is … travel.

I just returned from a 2 wk July jaunt to Europe, visiting 4 capital cities : Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin and London.  They are all beautiful in their own way - wonderful to visit and to help define why it is that I love living in this great city of Los Angeles (and why they all come here to visit us as well)!


Property Taxes?  We’re better off in California due to our creative property taxation methods, all of which are dramatically lower than the other capital cities & countries.

Property Prices?  We’re better off even in pricey LA than our European counterparts unless you wish to live in an apartment with no garden, or out in the suburbs.

Weather?  Although Scandinavia was pitch-perfect at 70 degrees each day and not a cloud in the sky, I’ve heard it’s quite different in November (the Midnight Sun was fun, though).

Architecture?  Well, the Europeans give us a good run on that competition. Some of the most breathtaking historic architecture is on every block of these European capitals, not to mention royal palaces, museums, City market squares teeming with people and delicious food.  We will catch up one day, but perhaps no royal palaces.


As Randy Newman sang, “ I love LA”, he must have just returned from a trip abroad.  Please understand that we aren’t the only good place to live. It’s just that Los Angeles checks the most boxes for best lifestyle and conveniences in all walks of Life compared to the World’s many choices.  Go see them yourself -- they’re all quite fabulous (I have some good hotel & restaurant recommendations if you do). When you return, I’m certain you’ll agree with me.




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