Here it is --- the first few days of December. How did we get here? If ever a nation or season needed a major holiday, I think the time is now. Whatever we call it, this is the season that people anticipate all year long because it represents family, friends, lights, parties – and the beloved downtime we all seem to need by the time it’s all over. 

There is huge news coming from London about Los Angeles ranking the Number 1 city in the World to invest in Real Estate (Boston #3). Pinch yourself, that’s very good news for us living here! The respected London investment firm, Schroders, has announced this and we intend to let everyone know who owns in LA or is looking to buy in our fair city.  Click here to read the full article.

Ernie Carswell & Partners is proud to represent some fine estates that are making headline news around the world. Our newly launched Palm Springs estate is the longtime residence of author Herman Wouk and formerly the home of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. 

Another of our properties is the home of the world’s foremost pop singer and is the definition of “calm refuge” within our busy metropolis. We are now showcasing some eye-popping new construction lifestyles presented by ANR Signature Homes, whose properties are favored by celebrities and billionaires alike.

We will be here for the holidays, which is always a fantastic time to enjoy LA at its quietest. Wishing you the best holiday experience and hope to see you in 2018!



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