America … the Beautiful.  This is a real estate newsletter and a reflection of the market dynamic that I witness daily here in the Los Angeles region.  But I cannot separate my professional opinions about the practice of selling luxury homes here without expressing my personal feelings about the privilege it brings.

Those of us that are fortunate to reside in LA benefit from a consistent real estate “Gold Rush” of values.  Sometimes it seems as if the whole World wants to live here.  There’s a reason, no-- multiple reasons.  We have almost perfect year-round climate, we have mountains that rise from the Ocean and give us gorgeous canyons, valleys and vistas.  We have open-minded politics and a welcoming economic environment for working people from all over the nation and the entire globe. And perhaps most importantly – we have fun living here.

America is still the greatest nation on earth. Long may our flag wave and long may we be united and proud to be American. Happy July 4th to you!



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