MAY is our month for Mothers and for Graduates. We honor and celebrate our mothers, on what is perhaps the most valued Hallmark card holiday of all --this year on Sunday May 12th. Graduates from high school, college and any other learning academy are celebrated for completion of their studies and their readiness to tackle the business world. Both of these celebrations are worthy expressions of family unity and support.

OK -- the Real Estate numbers are in. Please sit down. Douglas Elliman has released its respected analysis report of the 1st Quarter results for home values & performance. In LA markets alone, Median Sales Prices are down 4.5% , 2018 to 2019. The number of closed sales dropped 26.4% year over year comparison. That seems drastic, and fortunately the pace of sales picked up in March and we should see a balancing of closed sales when the 2nd Quarter report is released in July. Personally, my team has never been busier selling homes! We have a record of 11 homes open tomorrow (Sunday) and have reached 12 escrows currently preparing to close. So, our announcement to you, is that business is brisk --- if your property is priced correctly for this new market , and your realtor professional is maximizing exposure for it.

One way to look at the current residential market is that we have landed back at 2015. This is not a crash by any means, but a correction. Many of our clients are involved in multiple offers on their homes for sale, or on their purchase. Let us help you navigate the current residential environment with our 3 decades of experience working in your favor. I promise you No False Assurances , and our honest professional opinion. WE support our clients in succeeding in their real estate transaction --- regardless of the circumstance. We believe in winning for you!