O ctober is “Estates Month” for us at Ernie Carswell and Partners! 

Currently, we have the largest inventory of luxury high-priced estate properties in escrow in our 30-year history of selling homes. Many of my clients ask me “Is the market changing... Are prices going up or down?”. From what we are personally experiencing now, my answer is:
We are proud to launch some of the most attractive estate and family homes we’ve presented yet this year. Our newly built Beverly Hills home at 1317 Delresto is remarkably private and luxuriously outfitted. In Hollywood Hills we are launching 2 estates -- 7100 La Presa Drive & 7310 Mulholland Drive , one having belonged to a Getty, the other formerly belonged to a CEO of major record label. Both homes survey city views, seemingly floating above our metropolis in peaceful, private settings. Also, we proudly represent a former residence of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward at 9305 Hazen .

In the Park District of Hancock Park, one of the grandest homes in the area will launch with us in late October...please stay tuned for that delight. And we are tickled to premiere a city villa above the Chateau Marmont priced just above $2MM and possessing rare character & charm for the price range.
Then, if there’s any time left, perhaps we all can enjoy a Happy Halloween of safety, fun and not too much candy. Call me for any details, or to share the best trick-or-treat block in our wonderful town!



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