Wanted:  Volunteers for the Carthage Christmas Parade on December 6

Carthage Christmas Parade Participants Wanted!

WHAT: Parade route volunteers needed for the following jobs:

  • To carry the Moore Tea Citizens banners in front of and behind the float (walkers)
  • To carry baskets of candy and pass it out to children as we go (walkers)
  • To ride on the float while waving and smiling at our neighbors (standing/sitting)

WHO: The more elementary, middle and high school-aged kids the better, but this is a great opportunity for families to walk in a parade together.

THE PURPOSE: To contribute, as an organization, to our county. This year, our float will be "snowing" and should be a big hit!

DATE: Tuesday, December 6


  • 4:30 PM – Construction and prop volunteers report to assembly area
  • 5:30 PM – Parade route volunteers assemble at the float
  • 6:00 PM – Parade begins

HOW LONG: 30–45 minutes. The parade route is only 1 mile long but moves at an average pace of a slow walk. 

COSTUME: Festive, fun Christmas clothes (Chanukah if you prefer). Red sweaters, Santa hats or reindeer antlers are appropriate, as are groups portraying the members of the manger scene or families dressed as elves.

If you're on the float you will need to dress more warmly than those walking. Watch the forecast as we get closer to the 6th.

WHERE: The grassy area on the east side of the Carthage Oaks parking lot. See the interactive map and the marked photo of the area.

WHEN IT'S OVER: If you stage a vehicle near the courthouse you may leave from there. Walkers who want a ride back to the start point parking lot may board the truck or float. 

To see this and other upcoming events, go to the MTC Calendar Page

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