Carthage Gated Community - Landmark
A small, exclusive gated community in the Scholarton neighborhood of the Old Bradford district, mostly consisting of ritzy summer homes for wealthy EU alumni.
The Carthage Gated Community has always sat somewhat apart from the rest of its neighborhood.
The first of its larger homes were erected about the same time as the Victorian houses in the rest of Scholarton, but by wealthier folk who valued their privacy.
They spaced their larger lots more widely and blocked off the surrounding Scholarton dwellings with high brick walls. As the years went by, about a dozen more mansions and luxury summer homes filled in and the wall soon completed its blunt cocoon around the tony enclave.
Many of these homes have historical ties to (mostly local and minor) historical figures, such as "once owned by Mayor Kirby", "the museum curator Dean Brattleboro was killed within." or "the famed violinist Howard Zorn once summered here," that sort of thing.
A few of the houses in Carthage Gated Community were lost to the fire of 1908 and Hurricane Atlas more recently, but were quickly rebuilt in the styles of their day. Today, this exclusive area is completely ringed with a varied brick wall discretely topped with barbed wire and the five controlled entrances come complete with automatic iron gates and security cameras. It is not a place that tolerates casual visitors or exploration.