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November 15, 2011
Issue # 0900
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Another Kodak Moment (told ya so...)
Two years ago we expressed concern about a new ink product from Kodak. The camera-turned-printer company touted the least expensive ink costs with a "flat rate" cartridge on their printer. In recent news, Collins Ink Corporation, the makers of Kodak ink, terminated their contract with the manufacturer.

As we've said before, if you're considering a printer purchase of any brand, stop by Cartridge World and we'll be happy to lend our 20-plus years of expertise to help you purchase a new printer.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
A recent article on describes printer ink as "one of the most expensive liquids on Earth." And that's probably why 73% of the office managers we surveyed said they would switch to refilled ink - because it means saving money. This savings is passed along for your home-based printing, too.

If you're using remanufactured toner cartridges at your office, but you're nervous about refilled ink for your home printer, relax. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we stand behind each and every ink cartridge we sell.

Do they leak? Do I have to wait for my refill? Are refilled ink cartridges less reliable than refilled toner cartridges? No, no and no!

Refilled Cartridge World ink cartridges are expertly sealed, and independent studies show they perform just as well as the expensive name brands. We'll have a pre-filled cartridge waiting for you at our store. Best of all, you can take the savings and do something a lot more fun, like ordering a pizza and a movie for your family or friends.
Time for Cold
It's time for your annual cold weather warning from your friends at Cartridge World! Whether you use new or refilled printer cartridges, your two worst enemies are extreme ends of the thermometer - so cold weather brings new issues. When we deliver cartridges to your office we ensure they never sit in a cold vehicle. Similarly, if you're stopping by our location to pick up an ink or toner cartridge, make it the last errand of your day, ensuring your ink and toners stay at room temperature. Oh, and don't forget your hat and mittens!

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