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January 4th, 2012
Issue # 12012
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HP and Lexmark Increased Prices!
On January 1, 2012, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark implemented price increases on select supplies. This increase is a direct change from the manufacturers.

Select Lexmark sku's are expected to increase 3-7% while HP is expected to raise approximately 1.7 - 16% on laser sku's!! Wow.

Why would they do this? Your guess is as good as ours. But as far as we can tell, the largest increases are on the older model printers. This looks like an attempt to get consumers to get rid of their old, reliable printers and buy new printers, which have proved over the last few years to be unreliable. And with these newer model printers, typically you pay more for cartridges and get less out of them than you would with your older model.

In any case, this is just one more reason to continue to purchase your ink and toner cartridges at Cartridge World Ashburn where we have your best interest in mind. We will continue this year to provide a quality alternative to the manufacturer's cartridges. We thank you as always for your continued support of our business. 
Managing Costs in 2012
Most economists are again predicting a challenging business climate in 2012. As the saying goes, "It's easy to run fast with the wind at your back... it's what you do with a headwind that shows who you really are." In business when the going gets tough, the tough manage expenses. Here are five great ways to help:
  1. For internal communications consider printing on less-expensive recycled paper stock. Save the good stuff for your clients.
  2. Keep a monthly tab to monitor expenses. When you order office supplies, make sure you meet the minimum for free shipping, and buy in bulk during sale periods.
  3. Online postage rocks! The fee to print postage is almost always lower than the cost of the gas, mileage, and time it takes to run to the post office.
  4. Keep using Cartridge World products, and you'll save 30-40% on average over the cost of name-brand cartridges from the box store.
Bonus Tips
Much of the cost associated with running an office is directly related to printing. Between the use of paper and printer consumables, there are a few very easy steps you can take to cut costs:
  1. Use both sides of the paper with a dupl. exing printer.
  2. Adjust the margin settings on your word processor to use more of the page.
  3. Do you really need to print all of those emails?
  4. Use the "comment" feature in Word to proofread draft documents
  5. Get creative with your used paper. Consider, for example, cutting it in quarters to write notes, or shred it for use as packing material.
...and a Healthy New Year
Keep yourself and your co-workers healthy this year. The flu season alone costs businesses more than $10 billion annually. Getting flu shots has never been easier with many pharmacies and big-box stores offering low-cost flu vaccinations: In many cases, insurance will even cover the expense. Stay home when you're sick. Tell your co-workers and employees to stay home when they're sick. There's no need to be a superhero. Remember, sick days happen, so have a plan to make them easier, and then get back in the game. (And need we remind you to always wash your hands and keep lots of hand sanitizer around to slow the spread of germs? Didn't think so).

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