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December 2018
*Kids do go outside for recess.  Please make sure they are dressed for a fun recess - jacket, snow-pants, boots, mittens & hat.*

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Dec 24 - Jan 1
Holiday Christmas Break
School starts again Wednesday January 2, 2019

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Please do not send cash alone or in an envelope not marked with your child's  first and last name on it.  
Parents - If you join your child for lunch please remember to bring the correct cash ($3.85) or check as the lunch room does not have change.
You may also charge your lunch to your child's account.

Principal June Johnson  
The first trimester of school has ended and students' progress toward meeting state standards has been updated!  Please use the following link to log into Empower whether you have logged in previously or not:

We appreciate your continued support and involvement as we work together to educate your children!  
June Johnson, Principal   
Carver Elementary Staff invite you to help us show kindness during the busy holiday season by sponsoring our SPREAD KINDNESS Holiday gift card program. 
Beginning November 12th, we will be collecting gift cards to support our own Carver families during the holiday season.  Our gift card collection will run from November 12th to December 7th .  Distribution will take place on Friday December 7thth.   Gift card ideas include restaurants, gasoline, grocery or clothing (Target, Walmart, Super America, Cub Foods, etc.).  Children can help by including a Kindness Card wishing someone happy holidays or any other well wishes with the idea that "KINDNESS IS FREE SPRINKLE THAT STUFF EVERYWHERE".   Hopefully, by providing some assistance to families for the basic essentials, our families will have a little something extra for the holiday season.
Families needing assistance and not receiving assistance from elsewhere may contact Mrs. Varpness, School Counselor at 556-1913 or

Thank you in advance for participating on our 
SPREAD KINDNESS  gift card program.

Art Room News painted_colorful_hands.jpg
This month in the art room the k-2nd graders are learning how to sew! They now have drawing, collage, painting, architecture, and fiber arts as their 5 choices in the art studio. Each student will have the opportunity to sew a small burlap pillow/ornament in December.  
Our 3rd-5th graders are starting their blended project between the art studio and the innovation center! Students will research, brainstorm, and plan a project idea that uses both art materials as well as innovative technology. They are able to choose from 12 different makerspaces. Thank you everyone for your recycled materials for our cardboard makerspace! 

Molly Nebel

Innovation Center News
Where has the time gone?
During the month of December all 3rd- 5th graders will be using Empower as Mrs. Nebel and myself blend our classes and standards. Each student will be able to choose from 12 different makerspace opportunities with some of the options being: drawing, painting, fiber arts to robotics, 3D printing and game design. Each playlist in Empower has the student reading a picture book, mini researching a topic/person in that field of expertise while writing a project proposal. Once the project proposal has been accepted, each student will design, invent and build a project that embeds both art and technology. Mrs. Nebel and myself look forward to this opportunity at least three times during the school year.
All kindergarten-2nd grade students will be participating in worldwide event, the "Hour Of Code." Through participation the students will have experiences with the following programs: SCRATCH,, robots and various iPad apps.
Thank you for continued support and sharing your children with all of us ! 

Gwen Valiant
Information, Innovation Learning Specialist
Carver Elementary
Personal Wellness News 
In the Health room students learned about managing their emotions by using the 4 Zones of Regulation. The 4 Zones of Regulation help them recognize their feelings and learn ways to better cope and self regulate their actions. Another topic was screen time and the importance of balancing their day with other screen free activities that help their growing brains. Grades 3-5 added social media and safe use of technology to the discussion. The week before Thanksgiving, we took some time to go over the benefits of having a Thankful Mindset. Students each wrote a thank you note to a staff member at Carver Elementary.
Students have been busy in the gym working on their cardiovascular fitness with lots of great warm-ups including some excellent Tabata! Jump Rope and basketball skills have been a few of the areas focused on this past month. We just started our floor hockey unit! A favorite of many! As snow boot season continues to creep in, please remind your child to put tennis shoes in their backpack so that they are prepared for activity in the gym.

Mr. Becker, Mr. Ford, Mrs. Souvignier
Band Room News
Hello from the Band Room!

The band students were so proud to present their first band concert yesterday on the Carver Elem stage.   Our musicians have worked hard, preparing several tunes to perform.  Students have also been  practicing and performing   their band karate music.  
Thank you for all of the support you give these young musicians.

Karen Prescott
Instrumental Music Teacher
Carver Elementary and Clover Ridge Elementary

Music News
Hello from Mr. Kantos' music room!
If your child is in Carver Coyote Choirs, please remember that our concert is on Monday, Dec. 17 th, from 6:00 - 6:30. We'll see you there!
Chrome Music Lab has been a hit with students this year. It's an online Google tool for making music and exploring sound. Check it out and make a song with your child at home!
Lately, our Kindergarten and First grade students have been learning how to use their voices. We've learned how to sing, talk, whisper, and call. We have two special voices that students love using, and they are called magic lips and brain channel. Ask your child to share their voice with you. Additionally, these students are learning the difference between beat and rhythm, and learning to play them on drums.
In 1 st and 2 nd grade, we are beginning to learn how to improvise. Improvising is when we create rhythms and melodies without preparing them. By learning how to create our own musical ideas, students develop more creative confidence.
3 rd, 4 th, and 5 th grade students have been enjoying the exploration of Garageband this year. Students have learned how to record their voices and layer them to create rounds. Students have also been working hard to create songs using the app's built in instruments and effects. Many families have this app on iPads, iPhones, and Apple computers. If you have one of these tools at home, encourage your child to explore music production. You might be fostering the creativity of a budding pop star!
Thank you.
Jeff Kantos