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February 2019
*Kids do go outside for recess.  Please make sure they are dressed for a fun recess - jacket, snow-pants, boots, mittens & hat.*

School hours
8:00am - 2:30pm

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*  Feb 12 & 21
  Parent Teacher       Conferences      3p-7p  Sign up with your child's teacher.

Feb 14 
school starts 2 hours later

 * Feb 18 

*Feb 19
Carver Elementary
Fundraising evening from 5:00-7:00pm at the Culver's in Chaska

*March 11
Creativity Festival

Mark your Calendars for:
Color Fun Run
*May 23rd
More info to follow

Lost & Found
Please check out the lost and found. The tables are overflowing with many many items that belong to someone.

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Quick Links

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View your child's daily menu o n our NEW interactive Lunch 
Menu Website

Please do not send cash alone or in an envelope not marked with your child's  first and last name on it.  
Parents - If you join your child for lunch please remember to bring the correct cash ($3.85) or check as the lunch room does not have change.
You may also charge your lunch to your child's account.

Principal June Johnson  

   Save the Date cards for the Assess and Connect days this fall went home in your child's backpack last week Friday.  The assessment dates are the week before school begins this year on August 27th & 28th.   These dates enable all grade levels to start school the day after Labor Day on September 3rd. 

Please read through the Assess and Connect Save the Date card for further information about the great opportunity for each child to meet their teachers one on one before the school year begins.  It also enables teachers to complete a reading assessment to learn more about each child as a learner/reader.   
The 3rd-5th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, MCAs, are scheduled for April.  We greatly appreciate your help in having your child in school to take the assessments on the following dates:
  • April 15th-19th - Reading Assessments
  • April 22nd-26th - Math Assessments
Winter is here and more snow continues to pile up.  Thank you for sending your child's winter clothing to school everyday.  Students not wearing snow pants and boots are required to stay on the sidewalk areas.  We also appreciate your help in reminding them to wear the clothing sent to school with them. 

Stay safe and warm throughout the winter days! 

Most Sincerely, 
June Johnson, Principal   
Art Room News
February in the Coyote Art Studio is focused on preparing artwork for our Creativity Showcase coming up on Monday, March 11th. 
The students choose one work of art that they are very proud of and display it in hallways for our students and families to see during the event. Students are asked to show us their growth in skill and technique, creativity and originality, and expression of who they are and/or what they care about. Ask your student what they are working on for our Creativity Showcase!

Molly Nebel

Innovation Center News
Come one, Come all! On Thursday, February 7th and Tuesday, February 12th,from 2:30 - 6:30 PM,  a Follett Book fair will be held in the Innovation classroom on the 2nd floor. This is a great opportunity to support literacy at home and at school.  
All 3rd - 5th students are immersed in their makerspace options ranging from the following: animation, electricity, drones, cardboard construction, 3D printing, robotics, coding/game design and architecture. Each student has completed a mini research inquiry to kick of the start to their project. Towards the end of the month we will blend Art+ Innovation class which gives students the opportunities to innovate through both sets of standards.
All 1st/2nd graders have been exploring physics and design. In teams they have built a paper plate roller-coaster that will allow a marble to travel . It has been great to see the students, communicate, collaborate and problem solve through thus opportunity. Following this your child will have another opportunity to work with our Dash and Dan robots.
All kindergartners/1st graders have been experiencing coding hands on. In teams, they are  building a Lego maze and created the code to guide you through their maze. Following this your child will have another opportunity to work with our Dash and Dan robots.
Look for all these projects to be on display at the 2nd annual Carver Elementary Creativity Fest, Monday, March 11th.!
Gwen Valiant
Information, Innovation Learning Specialist
Carver Elementary
Personal Wellness News 
To start off the new year in health class, students learned about goal setting. They have also been learning about their bones and muscles. Quiz them to see if they know where certain bones and muscles are! 

In the gym, we continue to work on our fitness. Students have been enjoying throwing games, scooters, scoops, tumbling, and relays. They also are invited to join the Timberwolves Get Fit Challenge which promotes exercise. Look for this information to come home with your child. Thanks for reminding your children to pack their tennis shoes on these snowy day!

Mr. Becker, Mr. Ford, Mrs. Souvignier
Band Room News
Hello from the Band Room!

Band Students are busy working on new music for the Creativity Festival Night!
Duets, Trios and other melodies are part of the evening.  Creativity Festival Night is Monday, March 11.
All Woodwind students (Flutes, Clarinets, and Saxes) will perform at 5:30 pm
All Brass Students (Trumpets, Horns, Trombones, Baritones, Tuba) will perform at 5:45 pm.
Ask your student to play their tunes for you!
Karen Prescott
Instrumental Music Teacher
Carver Elementary and Clover Ridge Elementary

Music News
Hello from Mr. Kantos' music room!
This month, students in K/1 classrooms are learning to keep a beat while dancing to the song "Yankee Doodle." Speaking of macaroni, that's the name of a song we just learned how to play on the xylophone. It uses the notes G for "sol" and E for "mi."
1/2 students are learning a Russian dance called "Troika," which is a cart pulled by three horses. We're also learning how to create our own lyrics to songs by writing them to a song called "Jubilee." We've just started this, so ask your child to make up words to the melody of one of their favorite songs. It's fun to get creative!
Students in grades 3 and 4 will be performing for next months Creativity Festival, so we are preparing songs on drums, recorders, xylophones, ukuleles, and with our voices! We're working hard to keep the same steady beat as each instrument plays their individual part. It's hard work, but we're having a great time.

4/5 classrooms are learning two different pop songs on their instruments. We are learning the melody to "Counting Stars" by One Republic on the recorder while accompanying it with xylophones and drums. We are also learning "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors. It features the same instruments, plus ukuleles! Each child is picking an instrument they feel comfortable with, and they seem to enjoy the success as we improve our performance every day.
Thank you for supporting your children in music!
Jeff Kantos