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January 2019
*Kids do go outside for recess.  Please make sure they are dressed for a fun recess - jacket, snow-pants, boots, mittens & hat.*

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Jan 21 
Workshop Day for Teachers

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Principal June Johnson  

Happy New Year from all of us at
Carver Elementary! 

This week some of our students will be completing the MAP, Measure of Academic Progress, test to give us feedback on their growth in math or reading.  The data collected from this test gives us information as to the direction the instruction needs to continue in. 

Friday is Hawaiian/Tropical Day at our school.  Students are welcome to dress in "vacation-wear", shorts (but must have pants to go outside) and fun shirts, etc. to school that day.  No swimsuits please.  

Please mark your calendar for some big events coming up:
  • January 14th - PTO will be meeting at 9:00 am in our school's conference room.  The organization welcomes everyone who would like to join in to plan fun events and support their efforts.
  • January 25th - Family Game Night! Come join us for a couple of hours of board games, cards and fun activities! 
  • February 2nd  - Hooked on Books at Chanhassen High School from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.  Our school will be putting up the tent once again welcoming children to read by the campfire and put together a fun project.
  • February 7th and 12th - Parent/Teacher Conferences will run from 3:00-7:00 pm on each of these evenings.  Teachers will be sending out sign-up information. 
  • Creativity Festival - March 11th from 5:30-7:00 pm.  This is an open house event for everyone and highlights the wonderful things your children are doing during Art, Music, Band, Personal Wellness and Innovation (Media) time!  More information will be coming out in February with the schedule of events. 

Please refer to our school's web page and calendar for many more exciting events happening at our school during the next few months!   


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.  Your partnership in your child's education is very important to us all.


Most Sincerely, 
June Johnson, Principal   
Art Room News
   This month in the art room the kinder through 2nd grade artists will be earning the cardboard sculpture center! They will complete our national art standard to repurpose and transform recycled objects into a new idea.                      
    Our 3rd through 5th grade artists will earn the clay center this month! They will choose from functional objects like mugs or vases or decorative objects like animals or tiles. This center is often a favorite for students because it is tactile, messy, and these projects last forever with beautiful glazing. We are so thankful that our PTO supports the purchase of clay and glaze in order that  our young artists have this wonderful opportunity to see the scientific process of firing clay and glaze in our kiln.  Our kinder through 2nd graders will also have a chance with clay very soon! 

Molly Nebel

Innovation Center News

I have to give a big shout out to District 112 Foundation for a being awarded a $3,000 grant to that will bring Little Bits Code kits and Droids to our makerspaces! Students in 3rd - 5th grade will learn about physics, coding, and electricity. Little Bits offers building blocks that are fitted to circuit boards, buttons, switches and wires that connect magnetically. Students will be able to build gadgets from musical instruments to self-driving vehicles as well as  code a game.
Programming with the Code Bit is as easy as dragging and dropping in Scratch programming which students have been introduced to over the years.
Our Kindergarten - 2nd grade students are also experiencing coding and programming this month. Each student has an account in and has course work established that "walks" them through the basics of coding and programming. By the end of the month , we will be bringing coding to life as we have experience in Scratch programming.

Gwen Valiant
Information, Innovation Learning Specialist
Carver Elementary
Personal Wellness News 
In the Health room, Students learned about the Immune System. One way to help our immune system is regular handwashing. We talked about the importance of washing well and grades k-2 did a little handwashing activity with the glow germs. One of the things we strive for at Carver Elementary School is fostering a sense of belonging among all of our students. We discussed what it means to be important, and how we are all important in our own way.   Grades 3-5 have a confidence journal that they will be writing in each week to acknowledge things they have done they are proud of.
In the Gym, Students had a blast with our floor hockey unit. They also have been enjoying different stations involving the climbing rope, jump rope, scooters, basketball, dance, and tumbling. We still have many kids coming in their snow boots. Please remind them to pack their tennis shoes in their backpack. Also, if you happen to have an old pair of tennis shoes that are still in decent shape, we are accepting donations for student to borrow when they forget.

Mr. Becker, Mr. Ford, Mrs. Souvignier
Band Room News
Hello from the Band Room!

Students are back, ready for more music making in the band room.  We have started working on our eighth notes, gotten some new music to practice, and have been finishing up band karate. 
Make sure you ask your student to perform some of their new tunes! 

Karen Prescott
Instrumental Music Teacher
Carver Elementary and Clover Ridge Elementary

Music News
Hello from Mr. Kantos' music room!
Congratulations to the Carver Coyote Choir for a fantastic performance in December. What a talented group of students who work hard and get results! There will be no Carver Coyote Choir during spring of 2019, but it will return next winter. If you have a child in 3
rd grade, please consider enrolling in Coyote Choir next year.
Kindergarten and 1st grade students are beginning to learn the differences between high sounds and low sounds, especially understanding that big items create low sounds, while small items generally make high sounds. Have these discussions with your child. It will help them understand the concept as we extend our learning to the xylophones.
1st and 2nd grade students are learning how to improvise. So far, we have been improvising using only the notes Do, Mi, and Sol, and with a steady beat. Soon, we'll be discovering ti-ti rhythms and opening up the notes Re, and La.
3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students all created their own Garageband projects using classroom iPads. Each student worked with a partner and created songs that had ABA form and used a  d minor/a minor chord progression. If you have access to an Apple device, please have your child explore this tool even more. Students shared their projects to my Google Drive, so now they have the skills to share their creations with you and collaborate with friends.
Have a great 2019!

Thank you.
Jeff Kantos