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Titanium Lawrence® 20" Elbow Casing

This casted titanium elbow is oftentimes purchased new from the OEM but we are able to reduce our customer's budget and almost eliminate the lead time by repairing this critical piece of equipment with a one week turnaround.
The casing had excessive wear that decreased its efficiency and desperately needed to be repaired.  We undercut machined the interior where the wear was beyond the proper clearance.  We then rolled a piece of titanium plate to serve as a liner and welded into place. 

We final machined the diameter of the liner on one of our   VTL machines to ensure the clearance was within the proper dimension so the optimal level of throughput is achieved once back in service.  After sandblasting and painting we shipped back to our customer on-time, on-specification and at a fraction of the cost of a new casing from the OEM.

This significant repair savings over the purchase of a new unit is a common occurrence on repairs provided by CMW to our customers.

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Pulp & Paper and CMW

Carver Machine Works has been servicing the Pulp & Paper industry for decades. We've heard our customer's needs and adapted to provide a cost effective way to reduce your budget and inventory compared to higher priced replacement components.  CMW provides a supply chain alternative to the OEM resulting in large cost savings solution and long lasting relationships with our customers.  CMW has serviced pulp and paper mills globally; from North and South America and throughout Europe we have brought our innovative technical expertise and cost savings to our customers. 
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