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Lawrence® P-40 Pump

With over 30 years experience we have overhauled many pumps, recently the pump below. This  Lawrence® P-40 Pump  overhaul is for one of our customers in the Southeast. Providing our customer's cost saving solutions without sacrificing quality or functionality has been our mission at CMW.  We can greatly reduce your lead time and save thousands by overhauling your existing equipment compared to purchasing a new one.
 The scope of work for this overhaul:
  • The 24" titanium prop required welding (GTAW), sandblasting, precision machining of the OD and bore, broaching the keyway, debur and dynamic balancing before final inspection.
  • The shaft required straightening to bring the TIR within .002.  Once straightened we thermal sprayed the journal that passes through the stuffing box at the throttle bushing to the original dimension.
  • We fabricated a new teflon bushing for the stuffing box.  
  • Replacing all bearings and seals we assembled, painted and mounted the prop.
Ahlstrom® MCV 42-8 Rotating Assembly

Additional value CMW consistently brings to our customers is not only rebuilding components but also the replacement of components.  Here, an Ahlstrom® MCV 42-8 Rotating Assembly, for a fraction of a new pump CMW rebuilt the vacuum chamber and the degassing impeller.  We replaced the casing cover  made out of 2205 stainless steel material utilizing many of our capabilities, including:
  • OMAX 55100 Waterjet Machine 
  • HAAS CNC 3-axis Milling Center 
  • Our experienced fabrication and welding personnel
  • Vibratory Stress Relieving
  • Yam Power Lathe with a 28" Chuck
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Pulp & Paper and CMW

Carver Machine Works has been servicing the Pulp & Paper industry for decades. We've heard our customer's needs and adapted to provide a cost effective way to reduce your budget and inventory compared to higher priced replacement components.  CMW provides a supply chain alternative to the OEM resulting in large cost savings solution and long lasting relationships with our customers.  CMW has serviced pulp and paper mills globally; from North and South America and throughout Europe we have brought our innovative technical expertise and cost savings to our customers. 
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