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The Aerospace and Defense Industry and CMW

Carver Machine Works has been working since 1976 to assist our customers resolve the issues and challenges they face.  We dedicate ourselves to help our customers meet deadlines, maintain their budget, recommend design improvements that increase functionality and decrease cost while manufacturing reliable and high quality components.

Our Aerospace and Defense customers look to CMW when:
  • Challenged with design-to-build projects requiring hands-on customer interaction and dedicated engineering problem solving.
  • Frustrated with late deliveries, constant budget overruns and need a reliable solution.
  • Looking to improve their supply chain and establish a relationship with a competent partner.
Carver Machine Works continues to excel by utilizing our ability to meet the needs and challenges of our customers.  We do this by:
  • Being a true one-stop shop that provides world-class welding fabrications, precision machining, mechanical assembly and finishing.
  • Having experienced Engineers who take a professional and personal interest to ensure the success of your project. 

Stainless Steel Hydrogen Reactor Vessel Prototype

Recently, we've developed a relationship with a California based defense contractor who was searching to broaden their titanium fabrication and welding supply chain.  Through the expansion of our relationship we worked together with this customer to successfully manufacture a stainless steel (316) hydrogen reactor vessel prototype.
We studied their initial design and proposed design-to-build improvements that reduced cost and lead time while maintaining the functionality and integrity of the design.  Cost-effective critical thinking helped lower the customer's budget and reduced the lead time of the overall build.  Our customer was delighted with the overall execution of their project from start to finish.  CMW is vested in our customer's success by providing completed projects on-time, on budget and on specification.  

Hydrogen reactor prototype

Critical aspects of this project:
  • 100% X-ray on all circumference joints, PT on all reactor joints.
  • Hydrostatic pressure tested to 625 PSI.
  • Post weld services including Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) performing visual weld inspection, dye penetrant testing and leak test to ensure all welds meet specifications.
  • Welders specifically trained and certified to delivery quality results.
22 Meter Class Aerostat System

CMW has served the Aerospace and Defense industry for over a decade.  We obtained our NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) Quality System Certification and NADCAP fusion Welding Certification in 2008.  One of our first customers in the industry grew into a multi-million dollar series of programs that spanned many years.  Our customer experienced a capacity surge demand on a particular program and reached to CMW for help to assist with their need of significant manufacturing increases. Over a period of weeks, CMW was able to double our customer's production capability. 
From the initial design concept, through fabrication, machining, mechanical assembly and finishing, CMW brought our capabilities to bear and ensured our customer's program was a success.  Over eight system builds in two years, our project engineers provided proven manufacturing proficiency and transparent communication.  Our world-class craftsmen provided technical expertise, disciplined manufacturing control and reliable quality to ensure our customer's success.
Using primarily A572 Grade 50 carbon steel (with other material combinations of 316L and 17-4PH for sub-assembly components), we provided extensive custom fixturing, large precision machining and mechanical assembly to provide one-stop shopping for our customer.
Our Quality Certifications
  • AS-9100 certified
  • NADCAP ((National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program)
  • NAVSEA Welding approved
  • ASME "U" and National Board "R" stamps for building and repairing pressure vessels
  • ITAR Registered (International Arms and Trade Regulations)
See what our Aerospace and Defense customers are saying about us:
"CMW is able to expedite fabrications as fast as anyone in the industry.  This is possible because their intimate customer relationships foster a high level of trust between both parties - allowing unmatched flexibility with change orders, material or design modifications, or repair and rework."