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Your Weekly Update from the GREAT Carver Middle School!
Monday, November 4, 2019
Thank you to an awesome staff for remembering me during National Principals Month! 
On Tuesday, October 26th we released report cards for the first nine-week quarter. Please talk with your student about their report card and grades. If your student is struggling, we have many services available to assist them including an excellent tutoring program. These weeks are passing so quickly so the time to take positive corrective steps is sooner vs. later.
I would like to thank our amazing staff here at Carver Middle School for the kindness they shared towards me as October was National Principals Month across the USA. I hope they and our community know how proud I am to serve as your principal. All you need do is quickly scroll down this issue (which is prepared weekly thanks to Ms. Jasmine Hollis) to get some idea of the caliber of students, teachers, and support staff I have the opportunity to work with. These are incredible people and I cannot thank them enough for their hard work. One thing our community should know for certain; when our educators arrive to this campus every school day they do so prepared and ready to give our young Bears the very best educational experience they can. And for that, I am indeed fortunate as are the students.  
Have a great week and thank you for looking over our progress in this edition.  
In Bear Pride,

Jackie Ramsey
Proud Principal
Carver Middle School

Pictured very top and just below: Thank you to 7-Eleven Inc. for their generous donation of school supplies and money to Carver Middle!

"The Carver Way"
At Carver Middle School we believe . . .
All students have potential.
All people should be treated with dignity.

At Carver Middle School we will . . .
Talk to students without degrading them.
Be supportive and uplifting to one another.
Show respect.
Dates to Watch For 
Nov. 3: End of Daylight Savings - Turn Clocks Back 1 Hour  
Nov. 6: FCA, 8-9 AM in the gym  
Nov. 6: HOME Volleyball game vs. SunRidge Middle (Girls play first at 5:00 PM)  
Nov. 7: G Squad, 4:10-4:45 PM 
Nov. 9: Bounce Back Saturday Tutoring
Nov. 18: Progress Reports    
Nov. 20: Teach-In - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (Please see below)  
Nov. 25-29: Thanksgiving Break  
Dec. 9: Bounce Back Saturday Tutoring
Dec. 14: Bounce Back Saturday Tutoring 
* Bounce Back Saturday tutoring is held at Carver Middle on designated Saturdays from 9am-12pm. Students will receive a breakfast and snack.  
Eighth grade student, Dawens Jerome, won the October grand prize money box just for coming to a Saturday "Bounce Back" tutoring. Congrats Dawens!    
Teach-In 2019
We are looking for business leaders and citizens to talk to our students about academics, careers, family and future. 

Location: Carver Middle School, 4500 Columbia St, Orlando

Date: November 20th

Time: Arrival 8:45am, Breakfast Meet and Greet from 9:30am to 10:12am

If you are interested, please complete the ADDitions volunteer * and contact Ms. Manning via email or at the school 407-296-5110.

* This is a quick and easy process. For campus safety reasons, all volunteers need to complete this simple online form. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Snapshots of "rigor in the classrooms" from around the campus . . .

Science with Mrs. Lewis 
Students in Mrs. Lewis' class work on the creation of their paper slides covering the EM spectrum. Students had to complete a research project and make a video that will later be presented to the class.

* The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is the range of all types of EM radiation.

Mrs. Lewis' "Common Board Configuration" or CBC on the day this activity occurred. 
Math with Mrs. Bolden 
Students in Mrs. Bolden's 7th grade math classes complete a Pi Discovery project where they had to calculate the area and circumference of household objects.

Mrs. Bolden also has a CBC for her classes which is updated daily. These work as a guide for the students as they can see quickly what is planned for the day, learning goals, homework assignments, etc. 
* This weekly component is prepared courtesy of Ms. Jasmine Hollis, Resource Teacher.   

International Baccalaureate (IB) News
Carver's IB program goes through its 5-year review. In order to teach IB programs, all schools must be authorized and evaluated regularly.  

Last week we welcomed the IB at Carver Middle School as they came to visit to complete their 5-year evaluation. We had 9 IB students (3 from each grade level) on the interview panel who represented our student body with honor and pride. A big thank you to all of the parents who gave of their free time to meet with the evaluation team!

The IB were very impressed at Carver's own IB culture and understanding within the whole school community and we received an initial indication of the commendations, as well as mention of any areas in which we will continue to grow and develop. The official report will be published in 1-3 months and we will publish the main findings in the near future.

Dates for your diary:
  • November 14, 2019: The High School Magnet Fair will be Thursday from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at the Jones High School Gymnasium for Grade 8 students.
  • November 18, 2019: "Explore Valenica" field trip for Grade 7&8 IB students (only students on a full IB schedule)
  • November 21,  2019:  Orlando Science Center "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" For Gr6,7&8 IB students (in-school workshops)
  • January 7, 2020:  "Adventures in Engineering + Dino Digs + Gliders" field trip to Orlando Science Center for Gr8 IB students
Deadlines: Applications for the IB magnet program at Carver Middle School are open from Nov. 1 2019 to Feb. 15 2020. Any student wishing to apply to join the IB magnet program next academic year should apply here (academic grades, behavior reports and commitment to studies are also part of the selection process):

Students of the Month  
For the month of October 2019 
Lana Schultz, 6th Grade 
Alkeria Smith, 7th Grade 
Brandon Jacob, 8th Grade

Meet Dean Miller! Carver's 8th Grade Dean.

Belle Glade, Florida

What college/university did you graduate from?  
University of South Florida & National Louis University

How long have you been an educator?  
12th year in education

Most memorable teaching moment?  
When a student nominated me for Teacher of the Year.

Favorite quote? 
Tough times never last, tough people do. ~ Robert Schuller
Two Carver Teachers Awarded Special Grants! 

Congratulations Mr. Bowers (Science) for winning a Bond Teacher Impact Grant!  

Congratulations to Mrs. Atkinson (Language  Arts) for winning a $3,000 grant from Duke Energy! 
* Teachers pictured with Principal Ramsey and representatives from the OCPS Foundation.
IB English Language Arts  
Dr. Palmers' students have been working on essays that use 3 learner profiles 
Students in Dr. Palmers IB ELA class complete an informational essay using 3 of the learner profiles in the IB curriculum. Groups had to explain: 1) the impact of restoring the Bahamian government; 2) the economy; or 3) health and wellness for the people of the Bahamas. These essays were presented and shared on a tri-fold poster and presented to the class as seen below.  
Credit: Compiled courtesy of Ms. Jasmine Hollis, Resource Teacher 

Bear Athletics 
Volleyball at HOME next Wednesday!  
Volleyball Schedule 
Date  Day  Opponent  Location  Time 
Nov. 6  Wed.  SunRidge 
Nov. 11  Mon.   Chain of Lakes  Away  5pm 
Nov. 13  Wed.  Bridgewater 
Nov. 20  Wed.  Horizon West 
*** Girls play first followed by the boys in all contests this year ***

Best of 3 sets. (First 2 sets to 25 and 3rd set if needed is played to 15 points, MUST win each set by 2 points).

2019 Volleyball Rosters 
  • Collins, Erica (8)
  • Rentz, Aubrianna (8)
  • Holden, Tashae (8)
  • Lindsey, Chante (8)
  • Slaughter, Tanika (8)
  • Holland, Hope (8)
  • Chester, Car'Laysia (8)
  • Rohan, Jayla (8)
  • Hall, Kierstin (8)
  • Boston, Dariah (8)
  • Pryor, Deashia (8)
  • Phadel, Spencia (8)
  • Gist, Koriannah (7)
  • Holden Tatyana (7)
  • Rivas, Ahiannalis (7)
  • Kelly, Tashira (7)
  • Vincent, Rebecca (7)
  • Schultz, Lana (6)
  • Lewis, Nateisha (6)
  • Parks, Destinee (6)
  • Reed, Laurencia (6)
  • Colon, Ibrahim (8)
  • Ellis, Jacquezie (8)
  • Henry, D'Angelo (8)
  • Grant, Martin (8)
  • Sammy, Jaylan (8)
  • Price, Rahiem (8)
  • Masson, Jason (7)
  • Djoodyson, Amedee (7)
  • Bango, Kevin (7)
  • Cantave, Dave (7)
  • Contreras, Oscar (6)
  • Wiggins, Jameer (6)
  • Dorce, Dawens (6)

Closing Images for the Week . . .   
Our SRO, Officer Bolden of the Orlando Police Department, stopped by to play basketball with our students in PE. Thank you for all that you do to keep our campus safe!

Carver Middle School Leadership Team

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