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Product group

We have a fabulous new exhibition in the gallery!   Showing mono-prints and mixed media work, the work will inspire!


Caryl Beach 'Gull'
Caryl Beach 'Harbour'
Caryl Beach ' Landscape 1'
Caryl Beach 'Landscape 2'

 Caryl Beach

Fri 1st April - Sat 30th April

An exhibition of work in Mixed Media,
Mono-prints & Photography

"For many years, I have documented my experiences in the landscape, which have evolved into a visual diary, a journal, which records and reflects my everyday journeys."

Her work is a response to her observations whilst simply moving through and engaging with the landscape, by the means of photography, video, print and mixed media. Current work in progress: abstracted mixed media on canvas, in response to my images of distorted panoramic sea and landscapes.

workshopWorkshops ...
We have the Frances Pickering workshop at the end of this week, and surprisingly there are still spaces, so if you find that you are free ....

Black & White books

Black & White and Read All Over
Fri 8th & Sat 9th April
Tutor: Frances Pickering
The theme is the written word. Students will work with a chosen piece of poetry, a favourite poet, a special book or just some words they love. Working in black and white (and yes alright, you can use one accent colour and greys).
Frances will teach a variety of techniques and use all sorts of materials. Illustration and of course hand and/or machine stitch are essential ingredients needed to create a very personal book.
Cost: £90.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

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Short & sweet, but we really wanted you to know about the exhibition - it should not be missed!
With best wishes,

viv arthur
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