It officially feels like Fall, and what a difference a year makes. Fall this year brings not only pumpkins and cooler weather, but the sounds of the volunteers and guests who are slowly returning to the Casa neighborhood. There is simply something magical about Casa's mission and the way the community rallies around the children to ensure they have a safe and loving environment in times of crisis.

The true magicians are the Hands of Hope House Parents who transform the children in our care from hurt and scared to safe and loved. House Parents come from across the country, and as the world starts to reopen we would love to show them all that Houston has to offer. Like all parents, our House Parents love the occasional night off. If you have extra tickets to concerts, sporting events or other activities, please consider donating them to these special young adults! We hope you enjoy reading more about their experiences at Casa de Esperanza later in this newsletter.

It takes an entire community to bring the magic of Casa de Esperanza's mission to life. We remain humbled by the outpouring of support for our families. You can find information on ways to get involved throughout this newsletter and on our website. 

With sincere gratitude,