Happy February! May you spend this month celebrating love as we continue to spread it across Tijuana. Check out our updates from the past month as well as upcoming activities and news.
What's New
Our Website

Yes it's finally here! Check out our newly renovated website where you have access to information about everything you need to know for home builds and other programs. Additionally you can purchase CDL apparel online AND have an easy platform for online donation.
January Update
King's Day at Faro de Luz
On January 6, the Faro de Luz community center celebrated Three King's Day, which is an important holiday in Mexico. Two young members of Faro de Luz and their father entertained the audience with a clown performance. Community members enjoyed homemade pizza and celebrated with gifts.
Teddy Bears
In early January, we received over 250 brand new teddy bears from Toys for Tots thanks to a very generous donor, Sandra! Some community members received a teddy bear for Three King's Day and both community centers, Faro de Luz and Peña de Horeb will be handing out more on Valentine's Day. Thank you Sandra for helping us spread love this month!
Dental Supplies
High school leader Alex has been working on gathering dental supplies from all over the county for the past few months. At our Faro de Luz holiday party, we handed out bags of dental supplies to all of the kids after receiving a gift. All of them were so excited and made sure they did not leave without their new toothbrushes. They were a huge hit and we are looking forward to teaching about dental hygiene in the future.
Volunteer Spotlight
Shirley Stewart

Shirley helped make brushing your teeth fun for community members at Faro de Luz by decorating and providing little goodies in each dental supply bag!

Shirley was born in 1936 in Philadelphia in a family of 9 children. She is now the mother to four children, 2 of which she and her husband adopted. Shirley has held various jobs all over the country from a hostess to a ticketing agent for an airline. When it was time to retire, her first choice was San Diego. She loves being around children and was so happy to know that she was helping children in Mexico with these dental supply bags. Shirley now suffers from dementia, and can only participate in limited activities. This made it even more special for her to be able to contribute to such a meaningful project. Thank you Shirley for bringing extra joy to Tijuana!
Get Involved
Despensas de Luz
Want to sponsor meals and create a relationship with a family in Tijuana? Our new Despensas de Luz allows you to do both. With a monthly donation of $25, you and your family will be able to provide groceries for a family and build a relationship with them through a pen-pal like program. Sponsors may choose which family they would like to sponsor and find out more information on our website.
Cross-Cultural Connections
Leaders Natalie and Hagar are organizing a sports day for our first Cross-Cultural Connections event. On February 23, Spanish-speaking high school students can join us to play soccer, Frisbee and go slack-lining with the kids at Faro de Luz. If you or someone you know is interested, please send us an email!
Getting Build Ready
Packing Video

It's 10PM on Friday night and tomorrow you're supposed to roll out of bed at 6 in the morning to get to Vons on time for the build. Even though it's your 4th build you still don't remember what to pack. Don't worry! One of our leaders Sydney, made this video just for you. Check it out!

Sheds are at the end of the parking lot of the church if coming from the North. If you are coming from the South, take Via de la Valle and drive towards the ocean. On Del Mar Downs Road, turn right and continue until the end of the road where you will turn left. Drive left up the hill and the sheds will be on your left! There is a rope protecting our sheds from being a dump zone, so feel free to drop off your  usable   donations right there! Please contact us if so we know to expect it!
Donation Spotlight: Blankets
What do you like to do on a cold day? Nothing feels better than jumping on your couch and bundling up with a blanket. A lot of the families in the communities we support aren't able to do this because they don't have enough blankets! Provide families in Tijuana with the opportunity to bundle up by donating your old, gently used, or new blankets. Families get hit hard with the winter season because cold and rain easily sneak into their scrap wood and tarp homes. This season, help us keep them warm!
Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you out on a build site soon!
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