Casas de Luz Newsletter May 2019
We are so amazed at how much love we see from mothers on both sides of the border. Moms - you have a hard job yet you make it look so easy! Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there, you do an amazing job providing a bright future for your children! Thank you for all that you do from all of us at Casas de Luz.
Letter from Our Founder
Supporters of Casas de Luz,

This is a big year for us with putting in place plans for growth. I remember the days when we just built two homes a year. It was a luxury to spend extra time with each family and pick out customized items just for them. Now we are building over 25 homes and it's stressing our process. We are uncovering areas that need improvement that worked well in the past.

This growth is requiring more resources, both knowledgeable people and financial. 

This weekend after a triple build, I was reminded how much of an impact we have. More familes are being provided a safe, dry home that is filled with love. AND the teams that do the building have an experience that opens their hearts. I was touched deeply watching new people experience a home build for the first time.

On Friday evening we are having a concert to meet our increasing financial needs. AND more importantly, Lee Coulter will provide a similar experience that will open our hearts and show the power that comes from that. The power to change our world from hate to love. We ALL need this right now.

Come join us and experience a heart opening.

Kathy Faller
Founder, Casas de Luz
Viva la Luz!
May 3 at UUFSD
Come join us at our annual Casas de Luz benefit concert! Local singer-songwriters Lee Coulter and Dixie Maxwell will be joining us to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and all of the work you have done in Tijuana. Join us for drinks, desserts, beautiful music, and a silent auction featuring baskets from local companies: enjoy yoga, golfing, ice cream, and more from your favorite places in SD. Tickets are $25 online and $30 at the door. Don't let your friends, family, or neighbors miss it!
Welcome Home!
Welcome home to the Cruz Cid, Hermosillo, Rodriguez, and Castillo Alarcón families! From an 11 person team to 75 builders, we have been swinging lots of hammers and opening many doors for families around TJ! On April 27/28, our teams stayed at Faro de Luz for the first time. Tijuana Home Build Project of SDSU not only built a house but bunk beds as well. Soon we hope to be staying at Faro de Luz for all of our builds in the community El Ranchito. Thank you to our sponsors and each builder for a great month of building.
Despensas de Luz
Meet the Roblero Gómez Family
Armando works in a factory while Marisol takes care of the kids and the house. They live with Armando’s parents because they don’t have enough money to build a house on their land. Dylan is 9 years old and goes to elementary school, and he loves taking care of his little sisters. The family loves spending time together, taking trips to the park, and talking! Sponsor the Roblero Gomez family or other families today!
Una Mamá Maravillosa!
Meet Veronica
Veronica's husband left their family 2 years ago and ever since she has never forgotten to think in the future of her kids. While she works in a factory and doesn't know how to read or write, school is her priority for her kids. Her Kids Johana, Maritza, and José Luis are very well-behaved and help clean and take care of the house. Veronica is kind to everyone she encounters and opens her heart to them. Everything she does is for her kids, her love for them shows in everything she does!
Interested in becoming an intern?
High School Students:

Applications for our high school leadership team/ internship program are coming out on May 8! We are looking for passionate, committed, and hard-working high school students to become leaders in our Casas de Luz community. Get involved in fundraising, event organization, build leadership, youth group leaders, technical support, social media, and more! Become a part of our program which offers young students leadership experience unlike any other organization. Check out our website for more details on the program and its requirements.
Upcoming Builds
We have 5 builds coming up this month, and can't wait to see experienced builders as well as meet and teach some new builders!

May 4/5: YMCA Trailblazers Double Build
May 18: UCSD Rotaract
May 25/26: Skyline School Double Build
Faro de Luz Mural & Playground
On April 5, UCSD Rotaract, PB Rotaract, and TJ Rotaract joined together to paint a mural at our Faro de Luz community center. The group had a great time getting to know the community members and being able to provide a friendly area for the kids to play. After finishing the mural, Faro de Luz staff filled the area with all kinds of playground equipment they had been storing for the past year. It is a dream come true for Faro de Luz to have a place for the community to play and enjoy the outdoors!

Sheds are at the end of the parking lot of the church if coming from the North. If you are coming from the South, take Via de la Valle and drive towards the ocean. On Del Mar Downs Road, turn right and continue until the end of the road where you will turn left. Drive left up the hill and the sheds will be on your left! There is a rope protecting our sheds from being a dump zone, so feel free to drop off your     usable   donations right there!       Please contact us so we know to expect it!
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