Wishing you and your family laughter, health, happiness and a memorable new year.
All of us at Casas de Luz want to thank you for your loyalty and
support in 2018. We hope to see you again in 2019!
What's to Come in 2019
Last year, we built homes for twenty families and our new Faro de Luz community center. We plan on making this one even bigger, with a goal of forty homes and many new programs starting up at both Faro de Luz and the Cumbres community center.
Build Challenge
In 2018, we built a total of 20 homes for 20 families in Mexico. Every year we expand and build more homes, reaching dozens of families across Tijuana. Can we out-do 2018 and build 40 this year?
New Model Home
We have a new model home of 16x24 which includes a bathroom. Most families have to build a bathroom or an outhouse after we leave, so with a bathroom already built in their home families will be able to move in even more comfortably!
Sponsor a Family
Do you remember this family from the December newsletter? They, among dozens of other families at our Faro de Luz community center, scavenge the community to provide their family with 1 meal a day.

We are beginning a new program called "Despensas de Luz" which will provide families with monthly groceries for a donation of $25. Sponsors will be able to choose a specific family they would like to provide groceries to, and make a commitment of $25 for 12 months or an upfront $300. Each month sponsors will be sent an update on the family and will be able to see the direct effects of your groceries! More information will be uploaded on the website soon, if you are interested please contact Kirsten Chaplin.
New Website
You thought we were going to release the new website on the first day of 2019?? Good things come to those who wait... Check our website in a few days for a completely new look along with more information about us and our programs. Additionally you will have easy access to purchase some Casas de Luz gear and to donate! We can't wait to show you.
December Events
Faro de Luz Holiday Party
Casas de Luz and volunteers from UCSD Rotaract led a holiday party for about 200 members of the Faro de Luz community center. After a service led by Amada Ayala, the kids wrote cards to their loved ones, played plenty of donut games, decorated cookies, and had 4 piñatas! The adults enjoyed decorating wreaths, playing loter í a, and a raffle. At the end, every child received at least 1 present and the holiday cheer was in the air!
Faro de Luz Weddings
On December 9, 5 couples said "I Do" at Faro de Luz. We supported them by decorating the church and reception area. It was a beautiful ceremony, with all women wearing white wedding dresses and their hair done up. The community rarely dresses up and it was so much fun to see everyone in their best attire and celebrate love as a community.
Cumbres Holiday Party
With the help of some UCHS volunteers, we held our annual holiday party at our community center in Cumbres. It was the second year in the new community center and church buildings. The kids danced for us in the new church! After the dance, we decorated cookies, made cards, and of course ended with a piñata. The adults filled the room with excitement and laughter while playing loter í a.
UUFSD Christmas Eve Service
We decided to do something different with the Christmas Eve Service donations this year. In 2018 we have seen major changes in our country, specifically towards immigrants. We refuse to sit back and watch it unfold in 2019. This year we will be finding new ways to support immigrants with donations, translating, shelter, etc. All donations at the UUFSD Christmas Eve service will be used directly to begin providing hope to immigrants in the US.

Look out for more opportunities on how to help, and a high school youth group event visiting a shelter and meeting immigrants and their families!
Meet Heber
We built a house for Heber (7) and his parents Adela and Sergio, in 2016. Heber loves helping on builds and learning how to build like his Uncle Dario. He has always been a boisterous little boy, running around and playing with his neighbors, and mostly with his baby cousins. He already has such a big heart and never fails to light up a room.
Recently when Heber was running around like usual, he fell and fractured his upper arm. However, when they went to the doctor it turned out to be more than just a fracture. A tumor had been growing in his arm and making his bone so thin and weak it eventually gave in. On December 21 Heber had surgery to remove the tumor and replace bone with some from his hip. After he recovers from his surgery he must undergo physical therapy, which is a huge cost for Adela and Sergio. Email us to find out how you can help them during this unexpected time!
Upcoming Events
January 26, 27 Build
Our first build of the year will be on January 26 sponsored by Coughlin family and friends. We're excited to get back to swinging hammers and building homes after our holiday vacation!
Donation Sheds
Sheds are at the end of the parking lot of the church if coming from the North. If you are coming from the South, take Via de la Valle and drive towards the ocean. On Del Mar Downs Road, turn right and continue until the end of the road where you will turn left. Drive left up the hill and the sheds will be on your left! There is a rope protecting our sheds from being a dump zone, so feel free to drop off your    usable    donations right there!
Donation Spotlight
Hundreds of immigrants are being dropped off by ICE with only a plastic bag of their minimal belongings at a shelter run by the San Diego Rapid Response Network . We are supporting the SDRRN with donations of clothes for the migrants. Help keep them warm during these chilly days and provide them with an outfit different from the one they have been wearing for months. We are accepting donations of new or used clothing at our donation sheds. Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you for your continued support of Casas de Luz. We would not be here without you! We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season, and we wish everyone the best for 2019. See you on a build!
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