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May 2020 

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Hawaiian pizza was invented by a Greek man in Canada. Sam Panopoulos was born in Greece and moved to Canada in 1954, about six years before he invented the combination of pineapple and ham or bacon that's now known as a Hawaiian pizza. He got his inspiration from preparing Chinese food, so there's really nothing Hawaiian about any of it. 
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Raising Revenues through Branded POS Merchandise
The Challenge: A premium frozen yogurt franchisor, Menchies, which sells to hundreds of franchised scoop shops nationwide, was looking for a way to increase franchisee revenue through retail point-of-purchase merchandise items. Lip Balm Package

The Solution: Finding the perfect impulse purchase product for use in a franchise that already provided something consumers may view as an impulse purchase by itself-a
yummy yogurt - wasn't easy. In the end, however, the team landed on the perfect item: lip balm flavored to match the sweetness of Menchies yogurt flavors.

The Results: Menchies customers loved the lip balm. In 2012, the company ordered 180,000 units. In 2013, it expanded the program toMenchies stores across the country. In 2014, the lip balm sales grew so fast that the company set up an online store to help manage reorders.

If you would like to submit information on a successful promotional marketing program or trade show exhibit you worked on with Lev Promotions, please e-mail the program information and a photo of the product to We will choose one to publish each month. This month's case study comes from Promo Marketing Case Studies Volume 1.
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