Routine dental care is an essential part of pet health. But when your patients need more than simple cleanings, or a case that requires the expertise of advanced training, the Dentistry/Oromaxillofacial Surgery service at BEVS, led by Dr. Bill Kellner, is here to help. Whether your patient is a cat who needs full-mouth extractions, a dog with a tricky oral mass, or a senior dog with a mouthful of trouble, referring them to BEVS will ensure they’re in capable and compassionate hands. 

Case Study: Oliver’s Oral Mass

Right mandible tumor

Occlusal view of right mandibular tumor

Intraoral radiograph,#408, 409

Intraoral radiograph, #407,408

Intraoral radiograph,

post rim excision

Patient: Oliver, 1-year-old male Golden Retriever/Lab Mix.

Reason for visit: Right mandibular oral mass.

Exam/Diagnostics: Oliver was referred for evaluation and treatment of a right mandible tumor with a history of an incisional biopsy diagnosis of ameloblastic fibro-odontoma. The tumor extended from the 2nd premolar to the molar and was causing displacement of the premolars. Dr. Kellner reviewed the radiographs obtained by Oliver’s primary care veterinarian and was highly suspicious that the tumor was actually a compound odontoma. This benign, odontogenic tumor carries a good prognosis with marginal excision, enucleation, and debridement. In light of the high index of suspicion that the tumor was benign, Oliver’s owners chose to proceed with rim excision mandibulectomy. Intraoral radiographs revealed that the mass extended from the 2nd premolar to the 2nd molar, and encompassed the entire mandible to the ventral cortex. 

Treatment: Dr. Kellner performed the rim excision mandibulectomy, submitting the tumor and all debrided tissue to an oral histopathologist, who confirmed that the tumor was a compound odontoma. Oliver’s outcome was excellent.

Takeaway: It’s important to have oral masses evaluated. Performing an incisional biopsy to obtain a diagnosis is important, but sometimes initial results are misleading. It pays to have a veterinarian focused on dentistry and oromaxillofacial surgery review complicated case images and help to prognose, plan, and operate.

Case Study: Jagger’s Fractured Tooth

Complicated crown fracture #304

Root canal final intraoral radiograph

Root canal final intraoral radiograph

Titanium alloy crown on #304

following root canal therapy, showing no occlusal interference

Patient: Jagger, 14-month-old male German Short Haired Pointer.

Reason for visit: Complicated crown fracture of left mandibular canine #304.

Exam/Diagnostics: Jagger’s primary care veterinarian referred him for a complicated crown fracture, noting pulp exposure at his awake physical exam. The owner was presented with the options for a complicated crown fracture: root canal therapy to save the tooth or surgical extraction. Jagger’s owners chose to save the tooth. 

Treatment: Dr. Kellner performed root canal therapy and placed a protective metal crown on the tooth.

Takeaway: Root canal therapy is the optimal treatment. It allows our patients to keep their structurally significant teeth and avoid surgical extraction, allowing for a faster recovery with fewer at-home restrictions.

Meet Dr. Kellner

Dr. Bill Kellner graduated from the University of Vermont and Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where he earned his DVM with honors.


He joined the BEVS team full-time in June 2019. He has trained under several leading veterinary dental experts and has over 25 years of experience practicing advanced veterinary dentistry. Dr. Kellner completed a veterinary dentistry and oral surgery residency and advanced anesthesia and pain management training.


Dr. Kellner enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs, and his hobbies include skiing, weightlifting, and running.

Our Dentistry and Oral Surgery Capabilities

Our dental team is available to diagnose and treat your patient struggling with a wide range of oral conditions and diseases, including:

  • Broken or Discolored Teeth: treatment may include root canal therapy or extraction(s)
  • Caries/Cavities
  • Enamel Defects
  • Feline Stomatitis and Gingivitis
  • Jaw Fractures
  • Oral Tumors: Biopsy and definitive surgery, including maxillectomy, mandibulectomy, and lingual masses
  • Periodontitis: Treatment may include root planning, bone grafts, guided tissue regeneration, advanced gingival flap surgeries, and extractions


Oral Surgery: Simple and complex extractions, gingival enlargement excision, extraction of retained deciduous teeth, oromaxillofacial tumor surgery. 


Orthodontics: Treatment of malocclusions, including crown shortening and vital pulp therapy, odontoplasty, crown extensions or inclined planes, orthodontic movement of teeth, and selective extractions.


Prosthodontics: Placement of metal or tooth-colored crowns to protect damaged or root canal-treated teeth.


Periodontics: periodontal cleaning, root planing, guided tissue regeneration.


Endodontics: root canal therapy for broken or non-vital (discolored) teeth; crown shortening and vital pulp therapy


Senior, geriatric, and fragile pet dental/oral care: Dr. Kellner’s residency training included advanced anesthesia training. It’s common for our team to manage complex anesthesia cases. 


Dental imaging offered: In addition to the routine use of full mouth intraoral radiography, we utilize CT to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning for pets with trauma or oromaxillofacial tumors.

A Truly Collaborative Approach

The best relationships successfully serve the interests of both partners. Our goal is to support you, your practice, and your patients in a manner that works well for all parties.

If you have any questions about our Dental services or would like to discuss a patient, please call us at 802.863.BEVS (2387). To help expedite the referral process, you can fill out our Patient Referral Form online or visit our Referring Veterinary Portal. We’re here to help in whatever way we can.

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