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December 2022
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Seminars: US and Abroad
February 2023 through September 2024
Time commitment = ~ 15 hours of on-demand lectures every 2 months
Teaching the Art & Science of Homeopathy Since 1990
Greetings from snowy Amherst, where we are keeping cozy, preparing for holiday times, and looking forward to our offerings for next year. More than ever people in all walks of life are looking for a fresh perspective on their health challenges. And providers are looking for approaches that address the whole person in more vitalistic ways. We'd love to be part of your learning and application of homeopathy in the context of preventive and whole person, natural medicine.
It is with that spirit we invite you to come learn with NESH! We have something for everyone and it’s all online! Learn on your time, study at your own pace, jump on live Zoom Office Hours! It's the perfect time to open a new spool of learning, or to pick up the thread of where you are and deepen your understanding and ability to use homeopathy and natural medicine. See details for all our current offerings below, and for a taste of what we do, read our featured article: "Cycles and Segments Analysis - A Case Presentation". (An oldie but goodie from the archives!)

With love and the holiday spirit,
Amy Rothenberg ND, DHANP & Paul Herscu ND, MPH, DHANP
PS. As many of you already know, my new book You Finished Treatment, Now What? A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors is available in hard and soft cover anywhere books are sold, as well as via ebook and on Audible (read by yours truly). If you'd like to order wholesale copies, or if you'd like a personalized signed copy of the book, please write [email protected] and we will be in touch about logistics.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: the Annual Joint American Homeopathy Conference will be in San Antonio, Texas: March 24-26, 2023

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PLUS for every person who registers with that code, NESH will donate $20 to the National Center for Homeopathy to support their on-going efforts to strengthen the homeopathic community through education and advocacy.
NOTES: Discount valid for In-Person Attendee Registration through 2/15/23 and Virtual through 3/15/23. Professional and Student NCH Members, contact NCH directly for your best conference discount.
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg

The goal of this article is to give a broad overview on Cycles and Segments philosophy as well as to shed light on some of the more day-to-day aspects of using Cycles and Segments in practice. Paul Herscu ND originally described this way of thinking in the early 1990’s and continues to distill and refine it with the help of many of those we have been fortunate to teach. I have been using this approach to case taking and case analysis since 1998 and have been teaching the material just about as long. I find the internal consistency and focus it affords, helps me organize so much of homeopathic knowledge and streamlines my practice, ultimately helping my ability to help my patients.

(Previously published in Hpathy.)

In the video below, Drs. Amy Rothenberg and Paul Herscu sit down to chat about this vertigo case by looking beyond the narrative to understand how your own experience with a patient can aid in taking a better case and to share some clinical pearls about the use of the remedy Nux moschata for one very common, but often overlooked purpose. This brief description will enable you to prescribe this remedy effectively when needed in these situations.

Both the case and video are part of our FREE 7 Part email Mini-Series Countdown. It is not too late to sign up join us.
Interested in furthering your understanding of homeopathy or improving your clinical skills?
Two-Year ONLINE NESH Course
February 2023 through September 2024

  • Participate from Anywhere in the World
  • Flexible & Convenient
  • Supportive Community with Live Q&A's
  • Discounted Repertory Software & Free Books
  • Ask about Full-time Student Scholarship Options
  • CEU's available for many

The course is divided into 10 Modules, each consisting of approximately 12 hours of on-demand video lectures and 3 hours of Live Zoom time (also available on-demand if you miss it). You'll have access to each Module for two months. Students can pause within each Module to take time to digest each topic before moving on to the next, rather than needing to absorb 15 hours of live lecture all in one weekend. The supplemental materials are sequenced along with the relevant lecture materials for a more cohesive & integrated learning experience.
We LOVE our NESH Students and Alumni! And kind words like below make all we do worthwhile! #NESHCommunity

From a physician student in our current Two-Year Online 2022-2023 Develop Expertise in Homeopathy Course. Join us in February 2023 with a new group!

I have Doctor’s degree in Naturopathic medicine, a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, I have studied Classical Chinese Medicine extensively with the Daoist Master, Dr. Jeffery Yuen, do a lot of kinesiology testing and treatments based on testing in my office, as well as IV therapies.

With all of the modalities and subjects I have learned, I am finding that the homeopathic education I am receiving with Dr. Paul Herscu and Dr. Amy Rothenberg to be life changing. You will be amazed by the effects the correct remedy will have on your patients. I have seen nothing work faster, in an incredibly comprehensive fashion (body, mind, spirit), and without side effects.

This course has been one of the best investments I’ve made in time and money. If you are interested in changing the world by optimizing the health of your patients, even without in person treatments, and would like a specific system that facilitates proper remedy selection, you will love this course.

Nushka Kassem ND, LAc (from San Ramon, CA)

We are delighted to highlight the work and other passions of our wonderful NESH alumni! We are thrilled to have been part of their education and training.

Our goal is to keep creating and supporting members of our NESH family and to generate ongoing opportunities and exposure for the people whose work we admire.

ONLINE 12-Hour Course

Who BENEFITS from this course:
• Future Homeopaths
• Allied Health Professionals
• Homeopathic Patients and Parents of Patients
• NESH Students & Alumni
• Legislators, Journalists, Community Leaders

Currently Offering Half Price Community Appreciation Rate

New Sessions begin monthly
Live-Stream Series for NESH ALUMNI
2020-2022 Sessions Available On-Demand
Cycles & Segments

For NESH Alum Near & Far -
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Case-Based Series for NESH Alum
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