Need a Ride?

A few weekends ago while visiting my daughter at Ohio State University, I was struck by the large number of students I watched climb into the backseat of cars driven by Uber and Lyft drivers.

For many students, rideshare is their main form of transportation; first-year students who live on campus aren't even permitted to have a car. For others, it's an easy way to get around Columbus. It's also more affordable than owning, insuring, and maintaining a car.

But as a father and personal injury attorney, when I think about young people riding in a vehicle driven by a stranger, what comes to mind is ensuring their safety.

If you have a family member who is new to using a shared driver service, please make sure they take precautions every time they request a ride. Here are a few suggestions I've shared with my daughter:

  • Confirm that the make and model of the car that arrives matches the one assigned on the app
  • Ask the driver, "Who are you here to pick up?" vs. giving out your name first
  • Tell your friends what your trip plans are so if they are supposed to see you in a certain amount of time and don't, they know to check on you
  • Only communicate with the driver using the app
  • If you aren't feeling well, don't ride alone

Finally, go with your gut. If something about the driver or car doesn't seem right, don't get in the car. You can always cancel it and order a new one.

As always, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe!
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Winning a Settlement After a
Pedestrian Accident
Lane & Lane Managing Partner Stephen I. Lane handled this case.
There’s a time-honored expression that most are familiar with: “The devil is in the details.” Each case and each client brings their own special circumstances to be considered when we determine whether to take on a case, and then how we go about proving the case.

On May 9, 2019, a driver (Defendant) was traveling southbound through a shopping center parking lot. The weather was clear, and the shopping center parking lot was busy with vehicles and pedestrians. The defendant was traveling through the shopping center’s busy main driveway when, without slowing down, she turned left down a row of parking stalls. In the process of her turn, the defendant struck our client (KB) with the front center of her vehicle as she was walking through the parking lot. KB was facing the defendant’s vehicle when she was struck, and the impact threw her backward, causing her head and back to violently strike the parking lot’s asphalt surface. READ MORE
A Chicago Native Returns Home
Last December, we were thrilled to have Aide Delgado join the Lane & Lane staff as an Intake Specialist. Even though she had been working for another personal injury law firm, it was a big transition. She had been living and working in Orlando for 30 years! ☀️ ❄️ Aide learned about us from a former coworker in Orlando who was part of the Lane & Lane team until recently.

Aide says she loves how available our attorneys are as a resource when she is speaking with clients and has questions. She's also glad to once again live near her extended family, including her parents, and celebrate birthdays, weddings, and holidays with them.
Sweater Weather Has Arrived
You might be thinking, "What do cool weather and colorful leaves have to do with safety?" The answer is plenty. Read on for a few important safety tips to keep in mind this fall.
Service Your Furnace. Have your HVAC company inspect your furnace to ensure there are no leaks and that everything is in working order.

Fireplace Safety. Be sure to use your fireplace screen to keep sparks inside and make certain the fire is completely out before going to bed.

Space Heater Spacing. Always allow for at least three feet of empty space around a space heater and for venting if needed or required.
Reconsider Leaf Burning. Even if your community allows it, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, burning leaves produces dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals. It's best not to burn, but if you do, wear a protective mask.

Driving Dangers. Remember what you learned in Driver's Ed? Falling leaves, rain, fog, and shorter days make it more difficult to see when driving this time of year. Use dimmed headlights when you're driving in bad weather with decreased visibility. In addition, with kids back in school and walking to and from the bus stop in their neighborhood, we all need to use extra caution when driving.

Taking precautions like these will help keep you and your family enjoying the best that Fall has to offer. Now grab a scarf and go pick some pumpkins!
The Easiest Way to Fight the Flu
Many people don’t know that they can get influenza — the respiratory disease we often call the flu — any time of the year. Flu viruses usually peak between December and February. But cases of flu usually start to increase in October or earlier. This article discusses the flu shot as well as shares tips on preparing for Flu Season.
It's Time to Think Pink
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Chances are you know or know of someone who has faced breast cancer. This is true within the Lane & Lane family, so this time of year we like to ask our clients and colleagues to help spread the word about the importance of annual breast cancer screenings. It is the best way to catch the disease early and save lives.
Through October 31, stop by Lincoln Park Zoo's annual Fall Fest. Pick pumpkins, sip festive drinks, and watch live professional pumpkin carvers.

Jack's Pumpkin Pop-Up is Chicago's newest interactive experience. Now through October 31, enjoy a variety of activities including carnival games, ax throwing, and a one-of-a-kind corn maze. All ages are welcome.

Looking for fresh fruit, vegetables, plants, baked goods, and more? Stop by one of the Chicago City Markets. Some of the best farmers' markets in Chicago include the Green City Market and the Wicker Park Farmers Market.

Think you can come up with the best Halloween costume? Then you don't want to miss The Haunted Halsted Halloween Parade & Costume Contest. It's free to watch or participate in and offers over $6,000 in prizes! With 7 categories of costumes, there's something for everyone.
Want to plan an outing with your furry companion? The Morton Arboretum hosts "Dog Admission Days" and "Tails on the Trails" events several times a year. The next Dog Admission Date is November 7.

Calling all chocolate lovers...and those who love to run. (Who knew that was a thing?) Sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15/5K on November 7, 2021. The post-race party includes fondue, dippables, and your very own hot chocolate. That's sure to get you out of bed in the morning.
Eataly says it best: "Few things go together better than Chicago and pizza." Stop by Eataly Chicago's new pizza series, Pizzata!, and enjoy both. (A pizzata is a traditional pizza party in Italy.) On Monday, November 11, Katie Rich, writer and comedian for Saturday Night Live, will host. A portion of every featured pizza will go to Meals on Wheels Chicago.
Enjoy a trip down memory lane on November 14 at Shedd After Hours: '90s Night. This adults-only event will feature cocktails, food, music, and facts about aquatic animals. Don't forget to dress up!

The Christkindlmarket Chicago is a free, family-friendly event that opens on November 15 and features local and international vendors.

The Chicago Humanities festival celebrates the artistry and creativity that make Chicago great. A variety of unique Chicago programs and experiences are available through December 9.
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