Soft-sided, semi-rigid frame with abrasion-resistant Cordura exterior.  Soft Veltex lining with padded divider, multiple pouches and soft lens cups.  More> 
MSRP: $239.00 / €263.00

Special triple-layer, tricot-finished, nylon is used around the body of the camera to repel water at the case surface. Velcro-sealed flaps, clear vinyl windows and zippered openings provide maximum protection and optimum ease of operation.  More>

MSRP: $239.00 / €263.00 

The BK-2N backpack has a lightweight, padded rigid-frame with a customizable interior divider-kit.  There is a comfortable strap system with thick padding and breathable mesh lining to maximize air-flow. More> 

MSRP: $409.00 / €450.00




Designed to carry a Sony FS7 rig fully assembled or with minimal disassembly of the rig components.  Lightweight, rigid frame. More>

MSRP:$499.00 /  €549.00
The BKS-2XM is a "flexible" carrying system that adapts to your changing equipment needs. Soft padding and expandable height & width. More>
MSRP: $339.00 / 373.00


The CAR-2CAM has an ultra-light design, featuring dual-rigidity foam for maximum equipment protection.  Now in Signature Blue & Coyote (tan) colors.
MSRP:$179.00 / €197.00





Thermal-lined cover with black nylon exterior to keep your Sony PXW-FS7 warm and dry. Custom-fit for the FS7, the Polar Cover keeps your camera functioning properly in cold weather. More>


MSRP:$489.00 / €538.00




Semi-rigid, padded frame with extra space for your FS7 and other accessories such as extra lenses and a matte box.  The RIG-FS7XL has a quick-zip lid for easy access to your FS7 rig and accessories. More>


MSRP:$259.00 / €285.00






Lightweight, rigid-frame ENG-style case with padded viewfinder protection.  Reinforced layers of lightweight plastic and thick foam protect the camera during travel and everyday handling  . More>

MSRP:$359.00 / €395.00



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