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  • Soaring U.S. coronavirus cases overshadow July 4 celebrations
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Soaring U.S. coronavirus cases, hospitalizations
overshadow July 4 celebrations

(Reuters) - Rising coronavirus cases in 39 U.S. states cast a shadow over the nation's Fourth of July celebrations as health experts worried that holiday parties will cause a further spike in infections that could overwhelm hospitals.
After towns and cities across the country canceled annual fireworks displays to avoid large crowds gathering, many Americans launched bottle rockets and roman candles from streets and suburban backyards to commemorate Independence Day. In the first four days of July alone, 15 states have reported record increases in new cases of COVID-19, which has infected nearly 3 million Americans and killed about 130,000, according to a Reuters tally. Read more….
How was the July 4 th weekend for your business?


Most recent OHA update -- Oregon reports 301 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, 2 new deaths

'A Mask is Just a Mask' campaign aims to unite Oregonians, especially younger Oregonians, on the importance of wearing face coverings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19
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Tools -- Mask required signage
FREE Workshop -- Creative Responses to Covid-19

Tuesday, July 7, 2020
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

The Covid-19 pandemic has created turmoil within the Hillsboro small business community and beyond. Retail stores have closed, longtime employees have been laid off and small business owners have been forced to dip into personal savings just to make ends meet.

Despite these challenges, the Hillsboro small business community remains resilient. We have adjusted admirably and continue to find new ways to weather the storm. However, we still have work to do and at times like these we need our creativity like never before.

Join us on July 7 for a talk by Justin Harlow, CEO of  Lateral Labs , where he will discuss the role creativity can play in our response to the pandemic.

During this free Zoom conference, you will learn to:
1.        Convert your constraints into opportunities for growth;
2.        Create confidence in the midst of a pandemic; and
3.        Take action during times of uncertainty.

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COVID-19: Implications for business

New from McKinsey & Company : One step forward, two steps back: the pandemic is giving new depth of meaning to a well-worn expression. Our briefing note, updated July 2, captures new research that explores both sides.
Columbia County Economic Team (CCET) and Keep It Local are working to assist businesses navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic disruption….and plan for recovery. Business survival and retention is a top priority. We all want to emerge from the other side of this able to restore our businesses, livelihoods and economy. Reaching out countywide, Columbia County Economic Team will be communicating with you regularly.
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Paul Vogel
Interim Executive Director
Columbia County Economic Team