Cash forecasting tools, treasury tech predictions, strategic WCM, and more...
 Volume 17 | Q2 Edition
Cash Forecasting:
Divergent Views on Necessary Tools & Tech
“The treasury management systems that I’ve seen just don’t provide enough forecasting functionality above Excel to justify their cost.” - Steven Peterson, Senior Manager of Treasury, Chick-fil-A 

“The modern TMS has evolved to encapsulate treasury's needs in a superior, secure, & compliant
framework.” - Greg Person, VP, Global Presales & Strategic Value, Kyriba
Expert Commentary on Cash Forecasting (Video)  

Click the image above to watch a message from our Managing Partner, Craig Jeffery, about the headline article in this edition of the new digital Treasury Update Newsletter.  We hope you enjoy!
Treasury Technology Ten Years from Now?

For several years, Strategic Treasurer has asked survey respondents to share a top question or concern. We've compiled those entries to establish a list of FAQs and answers for treasury and finance professionals.  This is the first in a series of such responses....
Moving Beyond Tech to Improve Working Capital

If any working capital strategy implemented by treasury is to be successful, there must be buy-in from other departments. And if treasury’s relationship with those departments is strained, the success of the WCM program will certainly be impacted....
Survey Results Report:
B2B Payments + WCM Strategies

With changing payment types, new regulations, elevated fraud threats, and increased globalization, organizations and banks have moved into battling hyper-complexity. Learn what others are doing, thinking, and where they plan to focus their attention and spend.
Compliance Webinar:
SWIFT Security Controls

Join us as we unpack SWIFT's core security standards and assurance framework. Learn about the new mandatory annual compliance requirements and self-attestation process. Attendees will receive 1.2 CTP and FP&A re-certification credits.