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  at Cash
and so much FUN!

Marie reunited with Yaeger after a five day search. Poor boy got so scared at the CLS Horse Show, he ran away! We are a scary bunch!  Thank you to our wonderful neighbors and barn family for helping with the exhaustive search!

Ms. Kathleen hosted a barn sleepover. She's nuts! And the horses agree! But the girls had SO much fun! 

The CLS Artist in Residence: Maddi Klein 
Yes, she painted that!

Natalie and Annelise, hangin' with the Brass man!

Mirror Mirror, who's the baddest pony of them all?
Humphrey Lovell!

Nothin' like a horsey hiney hug!

The only thing better is a grandma hug!

This handsome fella became a human ribbon tree at last Saturday's horse show.
What a good sport!

Ms. Parker tried to steal this li'l buckaroo. 
But he ran away on his horse before she could grab him!

Interested in leasing a
horse for the summer?

We do that!

Or could we interest you in a goat or a pig?

With so many disciplines and events, the CLS calendar for 2017 is challenging to build. But we're adding to our calendar almost daily. Check out our happenings at: