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Dear friends,

Less than two minutes. That's how long we had been at the horse
show when not one, but both, trucks and trailers sank into the mud. My big day. The day we were taking both the Saddleseat and Hunt Seat Teams to the same horse show. The kids chimed in, "It's always an adventure with you, Ms. Parker!" Thanks to our fast friend Charlie, and his handy dandy tractor, we were out of that mud in no time. Our sinking "adventure" made our banner day even more fun. Many have naysayed our plan to diversify, to do more than be a traditional Saddlebred show barn. But for us, it's working beautifully. Unless I'm driving, that is!

Next diversification plan: Rid the outdoor arena of rocks so that we
can begin hosting barrel races at CLS. Through our friends the Arvins, we have discovered a beast called a Rock Hound. It's supposed to suck up the dirt and rocks and spit back out just the dirt. Who knew!?! We'll keep you posted. Tonight, we set the Hound loose in the outdoor. Let the dirty fun begin!

In other news, Cashlyn dressed up to give her speech to the school on Animal Rights, and I nearly fell out. She was poised, articulate and passionate. And way too grown up! Afterward, she crawled into a dirty pair of jods, climbed aboard her barrel horse, Fred, and grabbed up Little Grace for a romp. That's more like it, I thought.

Ms. Donna, my 71-year-old student, is learning to canter one of my toughest cantering horses, Churchill. And she's loving it! 

Goatie Max continues to climb.

For about the umpteenth year in a row, CLS took a horse to Forsyth Country Day School's Colonial Day celebration.

Cash's middle grandchild, Cameron, is wrapping up his senior year of high school in grand style. Always the one who reminds us the most of Cash, Cameron is wide open! No, this picture wasn't Photo Shopped. And yes, he's wake boarding in a tux.

Bruiser's worn out because, as folks who know us know, there's never a dull moment at CLS . . .


Thanks for reading! There's more below!


Cash Lovell Stables is proud to host
The  North Carolina Horse Council's
Trail Challenge!
Check out our awesome trail pattern! These and other cool obstacles will be set up in
CLS's huge indoor arena!

The Challenge starts at 10 am.
Saturday, May 6
2210 Darwick Road   Winston Salem, NC 27127

Load up your horses and join us!
Classes are $25 each.

Or ride one of CLS's horses. For $50 per class, you can try to CONQUER THE TRAIL!

Details at

CLS is hosting TWO horse shows in June. Mark your calendars!

On Saturday, June 3, it's Fun Show time!

And on Saturday evening, June 17, 
we will host CLS's
Old-Timey Saturday Night Saddlebred Horse Show!
(This is a qualifying show for the Carolina Summer Circuit Horse Show Series!)

Details will be posted soon at

or contact Parker Lovell at

CLS Saddleseat & Huntseat Teams
Milda and Charlie Minter's
Heritage Farm Horse Show!

Next showing opportunities:

CLS Hunt Seat Team
May 20
Mila Equestrian Center, Mocksville NC

June 3
Cash Lovell Stables

June 17
TTC, Mocksville, NC

CLS Saddleseat Team
May 25, 2017
at either Dallas, NC or Dublin, VA

June 3
CLS Show

June 10
Blowing Rock Horse Show, Blowing Rock NC

June 17
CLS Old Timey Nighttime Horse Show

Sign Up Sheets are posted in the barn, or contact Dana at

CLS's Drill Team will perform offsite for the first time on June 10 in Mocksville at The Thoroughbred Training Center.

11:30 am performance

The CLS Trick Riding Team, led by Ashley Pletcher, will perform on May 6 in Powhatan, Va at the Celebration of the Horse!

Then on May 20 & 21, they're off to perform in Kirtland, Ohio for the Horsefest!

Watch Cashlyn learn to Roman Ride!

A special thank you to The  American Youth Horse Council
for inviting Ms. Parker to 
be a Keynote Speaker at the organization's National Symposium.

Held near Boston, Ma., in April 2017, young horsemen and horsewomen gathered from as far away as Alaska and Montana to share and learn. What an amazingly
impressive group of world changers.

CLS parents mark your calendars for April 13-15, 2018. CLS will take a group of our hardest working youngsters to Oklahoma City, OK for the next symposium.

During our recent visit to Boston, we stopped in on Drs. Catie Hawley Phillips and John Phillips to meet their sweet new baby boy, Gray.
We wanted to steal him!

If you've always wanted to learn about horses, and you have a little free time, please consider becoming a helper at CLS. Our horses can never have too much love. And we can never have enough people helping us take extraordinary care of our beloveds.

For details, contact Dana at

As one of our recent volunteers said, "It's cheaper than therapy, and way more fun!"