A Note from Scott and Marsha
April 29, 2021
Every week during spring is like Christmas here. The children place their orders. Santa's elves fill the orders and ship them. Then the children play. Okay, they really aren't playing. They are using all their energy and power to put away all "the things." The only thing that keeps them going is displaying all the beautiful flowers for you to enjoy. They also love helping you be creative and helping fill your carts with all "the things."  It's really a beautiful cycle.  

Speaking of beautiful and a cycle, this is a favorite of mine. One is Halle, our new beautiful grandbaby and two, Kathy was a neighbor and her family is very dear to us. Outside of her amazing and beautiful heart, she happens to be one of our most loyal and supportive customers at the garden center. She tells me that flowers are her self-care. When someone tells you that, you know you are going to be fast friends.  

The other day at work, she popped in the garden center but then surprised me by popping out back across the lake to my office. It was such a pleasant surprise and a much needed reprieve. Any day someone surprises me to say hi is a good day. 

You may wonder what does a cycle have to do with this as well? It's the cycle of money. So when Covid arrived, we stopped taking cash along with everyone else. We became a cash-free business and society. You learn to roll with it, right?  

As Kathy and I were chatting, she says to me, "I have a question. When are you going to start taking cash again?"  

I was a bit perplexed for a minute forgetting that we even stopped. Processing this, I asked what the problem is by not taking cash.  

"You make it really hard to hide the purchases. I can't just stop in and buy more plants without you know who checking the account and seeing that I came AGAIN and bought more plants."  

For all of you sitting there saying out loud, "I know, right?" I hear you. But no, we aren't going back as of today. No, I don't think we can change our corporation name to something very important that would fly under the radar and not be noticed. I mean, I could check, but I don't think that is going to work.  

Honesty is the best policy. Check-in on Facebook. Tag us with a picture on Instagram #fgsdurham. As I always say, sometimes you ask for forgiveness instead of permission!  Carry them proudly and plant them joyfully! And eventually, they will and do get over it.  
Garden Center Features
Coleus brings bright burgundies, reds, greens and yellows to your shade and/or part-sun locations. Some Coleus varieties are more sun-tolerant than others. Add Coleus to your garden beds, borders or containers. They grow very quickly, and look fantastic when multiple varieties are planted close together.
We have a soft spot for weeping trees. The Styrax Fragrant Fountain is one of our favorites. It has a denser growth habit than some other weeping trees. The prize is also the fragrant, bashful flowers that cloak the branches early spring through summer. The varieties we have in stock are blooming now and a sight to be seen.
A lighter colored cousin to the popular Ficus Burgundy is the Ficus Tineke. The variegated leaves are quite spectacular with pale green edged with white and pink. They are typically easier to care for than their other popular cousin, Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig). Place them where they receive bright light and allow them to dry out between watering.
Potting Shed & Food Truck Schedule
The Potting Shed
Friday 12-4:30p
Saturday 12-4:30p
Sunday 12-4:30p
If we have inclement weather, we will close The Potting Shed, so make sure to follow our social media (Instagram or Facebook) for updates!

Food Trucks
Saturday, May 1 – 11am-3pm
Doherty’s food truck, The Paddy Wagon, will be here serving up fantastic Irish food. Yum!

Sunday, May 2 – 11am-3pm
Succotash specializes in gourmet Southern Cuisine with a twist. The menu offers sandwiches and plates–Smoked Brisket, Shrimp PoBoy, Southern Fried chicken–with delicious side dishes, including succotash, roasted broccoli, smashed fried potatoes, and citrus slaw. Uh, yes, please!

Meet Josh Stevens!
Role: Garden Center Administrative Assistant
Started at FGS: October 2020
Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream
Movie: Star Wars: Revenger of the Sith
Houseplant: Lemon-Lime Maranta
Last Book Read: How to Win Friends and Influence People
Restaurant: Chick-fil-a

Josh is the smooth voice on the other end of the line when you call the Garden Center. Seriously. He has the most soothing voice, and he is extremely patient. Josh handles all of the administrative tasks necessary for a busy Garden Center, and he makes it look easy. Even though he stays extremely busy, if you stop in to say hi, he always greets you with a smile. Try it out the next time you are in the Garden Center. You'll be glad you did!
Happy, Healthy Houseplants – Level 2
Your houseplants are doing well and you are ready to take your new hobby (or obsession) to the next level! FGS Plant Coach, Debbi Barrett, will address both the environmental and cultural needs of houseplants. Horticultural practices will be discussed so you can better choose plants to fit your lifestyle. We will also review potting options and how to spot and fix common problems. Be sure to bring your questions and concerns!
Fee: $10
Hanging Basket Class
Create a stunning hanging basket just in time for Mother’s Day! Enjoy a light snack and a Mimosa or other beverage from The Potting Shed while listening to design principles from FGS plant coach, Debbi. Then fill your basket full of gorgeous flowers to hang at your home. Class is outdoors but limited, so sign up early!
Fee is $55.00 per person. Bring mom or a friend and get two entries for $100!
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Fee includes:
1 beverage and snack
12 in. coco-lined wire basket
Plants, soil and fertilizer
Plant Tip of the Week:
Plant a Butterfly Garden
Who doesn't love butterflies flitting around their yard and garden? If you want more butterflies, consider planting a garden specifically for them! If you aren't sure how to do that, no worries! We have listed the plants you need to get your butterfly garden started in this blog post.
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