Cashes Ledge Whale and Seabird Cruise

Join guides from Flukes, Bar Harbor Whale Watch, Field Guides, Maine Audubon, and PhotosbyMike on a natural history adventure in search of seabirds, marine mammals, sharks, and marine wildlife at Cashes Ledge, a pristine biological hotspot 70 miles off the coast of Maine. A tremendous diversity of northern and southern hemisphere pelagic seabirds are likely and tropical bird rarities brought north by hurricanes are also possible. Marine Mammals that could be encountered include minke, right, humpback, finback, sperm, blue and pilot whales, harbor and grey seals, and Atlantic white-sided, common. and offshore bottlenose dolphins. A variety of sharks can be observed including basking, blue, mako, porbeagle, and great white. We will search for Leatherback sea turtles, ocean sunfish, bluefin tuna, and lions mane jellyfish.

Trip Leaders

Zack Klyver: Naturalist, Flukes: International Whale Tours, Co-Chair NAWWNA

Jan Pierson: AKA “Gannet”, Naturalist, Co-Founder Field Guides, Maine Bird Records Cmt. (Past) 

Trip Leaders

Doug Hitchcox: Naturalist, Maine Audubon Society, Maine Bird Records Cmt.

Julie Taylor: Naturalist, Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co., President, GOMMEA

Mike Leonard: Professional Photographer, Photos by Mike, Assistance to make your best shot.

Pomarine Jaeger, Finback, humpback and Atlantic Sided Dolphin images (c) BHWW/Allied Whale. Sperm Whale and Harbor Seal (c) Barry Gutradt. Brown Booby (c) Kera Shervanick. N. Fulmar (c) Julie Taylor.

Cashes Ledge includes Ammen Rock, a mountain top just 27 feet below the surface, which is part of a massive range of ledges that create upwellings of cold nutrient-rich water that fuel an explosion of plankton, that feed herring, squid, and mackerel, who in turn are prey for tuna, sharks, seabirds and a high diversity of marine mammals. Visit the a wilderness area of the ocean Sylvia Earle called "The Yellowstone of the North Atlantic," and Dr. Robert Steneck calls, "The Lost World."

Departure: We will leave from Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. Docks at Harbor Place, 1 West Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609. Metered Parking begins at 12pm - Please use the Kiosks to pay for 6 hours or more of parking before you leave.

Tickets are $239 per person and maybe paid with a check made payable to FLUKES, Inc. and sent to Zack Klyver, 120 French Street, Apartment 7, Bangor, ME 04401. You may also use a credit card through PayPal and pay FLUKES inc. at richardklyver1. There is a $7.00 fee to use the PayPal credit card service making the total $246. Please register below.

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The Friendship V is a 112’ Jet-powered Catamaran. She is all aluminum and travels at 28-31 knots or 31-33 miles per hour. She has three decks and lots of outside viewing space and comfortable seating in the main cabin, the second deck cabin and on top of the boat. She has a full galley with a bar and three heads (bathrooms).

Questions: Please email [email protected] or call Zack at 207-460-9575.