January 2022

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In this newsletter, learn about the competition for emissions reporting, trade relations between Azerbaijan and China, and a gas leak in Pennsylvania. Check out the Community Sentinel Award winners from our partner, FracTracker below!

Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania. Picture © Adobe Stock

The Politics of Emissions Reporting

Using emissions to legitimize claims over illegally annexed Ukrainian territory - our latest blog details Russia's manipulation of the UN greenhouse gas reporting tool as an attempt to legitimize its war.

Read it here.

Beyond Oil: Azerbaijan and China Trade Relations

The second installment in our Beyond Oil series is out! Journalist Mehriban Mammadova takes a close look at Chinese-Azerbaijani trade relations and China's growing influence in the region.

Read it here.

FracTracker's 2022 Community Sentinel Awards

Crude Accountability was pleased to be a supporter of FracTracker's 2022 Community Sentinel awards! Each year, hundreds of people get together for an event to honor the environmental justice heroes of today.

Award winner Jill Antares Hunkler was featured in Crude Accountability's 2019 Dangerous Work report on reprisals against environmental defenders.

A massive gas leak is adding to climate scrutiny

A recent leak from a natural gas storage well lasted for two weeks in November, with 1 billion cubic feet of gas being released into the atmosphere. The methane released will not only have a significant impact on the surrounding environment but also on the larger atmosphere, exacerbating global warming. The leak occurred in Pennsylvania at a site operated by Equitrans Midstream Corp. “The fact that massive releases are persisting even in regions where they're properly quantified speaks to the scope of the challenge,” said Antoine Vagneur-Jones, head of trade and supply chains at research company BloombergNEF. 

Read the full story here.

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