April 2023

Welcome to Caspian Voices, Crude Accountability's monthly newsletter for scholars, policy-makers, and civil society members with hard-to-find information from the Caspian and the Black Sea regions from the communities impacted by oil and gas development.

In this newsletter, check out our latest interview with an environmental defender, learn about some exciting news from Kazakhstan, and read our latest policy briefs with recommendations from experts for the OSCE!

Siberian village, Lake Baikal. AdobeStock

Interview with Dmitry Berezhkov

Dmitry Berezhkov, managing director of Arctic Encounter and chief editor of Indigenous Russia spoke with us about the treatment of Indigenous peoples both within Russia and on the international stage. Berezhkov emphasized that as the war in Ukraine continues, Russia's Indigenous communities have been disproportionately impacted.

Holding the Caspian Pipeline Consortium accountable

While Western governments have worked to cut Russia off at the knees using sanctions since its invasion of Ukraine, several Western energy companies have continued making large profits through loopholes. Our latest blog takes an in-depth look at which companies are still involved with Russia despite its human rights abuses and devastation in Ukraine.

Read the full analysis here.

Kazakhstan government grows concerned about Kashagan Oil Field

In 2017, Crude Accountability reported on the history of the Kashagan Oil Field in Kazakhstan, looking into the corruption and damage to human rights and the environment associated with it. Five years later, the government of Kazakhstan is charging North Caspian Operating Company with a fine of $5.1bln for damages to the environment.

Read our report here and about the recent development here (Reuters).

Improving OSCE policy on climate

As part of our ongoing climate justice project, Noa Roque of IPHR wrote a policy brief with recommendations for the OSCE on bolstering its climate policy. Roque takes a look at OSCE history toward climate and environment and provides clear recommendations for how the organization can encourage participating states to take action.

Read the policy brief here.

The need for clear policies on climate migration

Gabriela Alverio, a student at Duke University, delves into climate migration in her policy brief written as part of our climate justice project. Alverio recommends concrete actions the OSCE should take to ensure that those disproportionately impacted by climate change have access to resources and viable places to live.

Read the recommendations here.

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