Cecilia from  First Generation is at SXSW EDU. Go College! Now is better than ever.
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HUGE week for  First Generation  and Go College! Now

Three Frame Media is at SXSW EDU with a 6-part conference track featuring Cecilia from First Generation

Plus, we are announcing the new design and tools Go College! Now 

And there is more exciting news coming this week!

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Three Frame Media is in Austin, TX and loving this years line up at SXSW EDU. 
Cecilia Lopez

In partnership with Wells Fargo we are presenting a 6-part programming track featuring incredible experts and thought leaders within higher ed.

First Up: 
Creating a College Going & Success Culture
Featuring Cecilia (cast member from First Generation)

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New & Improved GO COLLEGE! NOW

Guess what!?
We took everything you love about Go College! Now and made it even better!

Not only did we give the site a beautiful new look, but we also added a one-stop place for all the new info, resources, and articles to help everyone get to and through college! We call it EDUNews

Take the new site for a test drive and re-discover the all the amazing things it has to offer including Free Curriculum, Helpful Resources, Pledge Campaign, and of course First Generation  streaming for free!
More This week...

Stay tuned for more from our amazing week at SXSW EDU. 
  • A Live Streamed session with filmmaker Jaye Fenderson and Bridget Burns, Executive Director of the University Innovation Alliance.
  • Exclusive images and info on our Upcoming Film UNLIKELY
  • More Tools & Resouces from Go College! Now 
First Generation is now streaming FREE at Go College! Now - a bi-lingual, interactive web platform aimed at raising awareness about the resources available to underserved youth and their families that help them break down barriers and make the dream of college success a reality.