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February 2016
Dear Friends,

Clinton, Trump, Sanders, matter who you're rooting for, one thing is for sure. The presidential election is causing lots of buzz!  

With the election right around the corner, we can't help but think about the potential that's in store. While the concept of change can be unsettling, there is no doubt that it is an important part of our personal, communal and national development. 

Before you head to the voting booth in November, we wanted to give you the opportunity to cast your ballot and help Areyvut experience some positive changes.  Your feedback is extremely appreciated and will help us continue to create and run programming that positively changes Jewish youth, our communities and the world at large.

National Mitzvah Day 
April 10, 2016
Make a Difference in Your Community!

On April 10th, communities around the United States will come together for National Mitzvah Day, a time period designed as a united effort to highlight acts of kindness, charity and communal involvement.
The theme for this year's program is "Making Our Voices Heard." Areyvut has developed educational resources and suggested activities to help schools, synagogues, families and communities learn how to advocate for issues they are passionate about. We want to guide you on how to advocate  today and inspire you to continue your advocacy  in the future .
National Mitzvah Day is unique in that it unites communities around the country in the pursuit of one common goal - kindness.  Your participation will add a lot of meaning to the program and will help in our mission to spread kindness throughout the world.
Fifth Annual Breakfast 
Areyvut invites you to our Fifth Annual Breakfast, taking place on Sunday, May 15, 2016. 

We are thrilled to be recognizing Lillian Pravda with the Young Leadership Award and Jay Feinberg with the Community Leadership Award.

Please join us in recognizing these modern Jewish heroes for their leadership and contributions to the community and world at large!

Register and/or make a donation here

About Areyvut

Areyvut's mission is to infuse the lives of Jewish youth and teens with the core Jewish values of  chesed (kindness),  tzedakah (charity), and  tikkun olam (social action), so that they become thoughtful, giving members of the Jewish community of tomorrow.

We offer day schools, congregational schools, synagogues, community centers and individual families with a variety of opportunities to help them make these core values real and meaningful to their children.

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Photos of the Month

Bnai Mitzvah Fair at Yeshivat Noam

Mitzvah Clowning in MetroWest 

Handing out A Kindness a Day calendars at the Summit on Jewish Teens 2016