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CASTA members continue to be publicly recognized for their successes. Durango Transit was awarded by the Federal Transit Administration as one of the top three rural transit systems in the nation. Their dedication to serve citizens with limited access to public transportation as well as their creative ways of seeking funding are what led Durango Transit to their success. Amber Blake, Durango's Transportation and Sustainability Director accepted the award in Asheville, North Carolina on behalf of Durango Transit. Thanks Durango Transit for putting rural Colorado on the map and leading the nation in good transit practices! 

Congrats Durango Transit! 

Jonathan Flint was recognized in his local Steamboat Today paper for the award he received at the CASTA fall conference in Snowmass, as Transit Professional of the Year. His local community and recognizes him as a humble transit leader, team player, and bus enthusiast who's long and dedicated career in transit rightfully lead to his award. Thank you Jonathan for your continued dedication to transit in Colorado! 

Congrats Jonathan!

If you or someone you know or an organization you are part of is recognized in the local news, receives an award or is otherwise recognized, we would love to hear about it and include them in our newsletter. Please write Ariane at and let us know what is going on in your area of Colorado! 

Stay Connected with CASTA 
Have you been curious about the alternative modes transportation report Amber mentioned during the membership meeting at the CASTA/CDOT Fall Conference?  Read about it and other state advocacy initiatives on our new website. We have an entire page devoted to our state wide initiatives.  It may look short and sweet today but be sure to check back in January when the legislative session begins in Colorado to keep up on all the bills affecting transit in Colorado. 
Upcoming Training Opportunities 
CASTA has coordinated a training opportunity with the Colorado Emergency Preparedness Partnership who is offering a training for any interested parties in public health planning, communicable disease planning, medial coutnermeasures and behavioral health programs and resources. For more details, click here
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