Casters & Wheels
Let Storage & Handling Equipment help you find the perfect casters for any application and environment
Caster [kas-tər] Greek 3rd Century
1. a set of wheels mounted in a swivel or rigid frame and used for the support and movement of furniture, trucks, and equipment.
2. a person who casts something, like stones, a fishing line or truck straps.

Monthly Funnies

(I work at a company as a photographer. Recently, my boss suggested getting the watermark always used on our images changed, so I got a new watermark from our graphic designer and starting using it. Several weeks later, I am chatting with my boss.)

Boss: *while scrolling through images* "That watermark looks so much nicer than the old one!"
Me: "I agree!"
Boss: "Good job suggesting that."
Me: "Um... That was actually your idea."
Boss: "Oh?"
Me: *laughing* "So, good job!"
Boss: "Thanks! I just wanted to be complimented."
Me: "Slightly backhanded, but hey, it worked!"
Best Flex Accordion Conveyors: 24"D x 20' - 36'L 
Each section about 40"
We have 7 available: 3 Silver & 4 Black
Plastic Black Rollers - $850.00
Steel Silver Rollers - $950.00

Call for information: 727-572-0004

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