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Kate Burkholder
A Real Thriller
Virtual Book Launch
July 6

Virtual  Book Launch
July 7

on sale June 30
Virtual Event July 8

Andy Carpenter & Canines
Virtual Event July 8

Virtual Book Launch July 14

Virtual Book Launch
July 14

Virtual Book Launch July 14

The Revelators
Quinn Colson
Virtual event July 15

Virtual event July 15

Of Mutts and Men
Chet and Bernie
Virtual Event July 16

Scot Harvath
Virtual Book Launch July 20

Peace Talks
Harry Dresden
Virtual Event July 21

due in mid July

Jasper Fforde
Signed UK edition
only 3 remain to order

Sister Fidelma
Due end of July or early August

One Last Lie
Maine's Mike Bowditch
due in this week

A haunted house
modern Gothic
in stock now

The Last Flight
Our July First Mystery Book of the Month
already a bestseller

Poke Rafferty/Bangkok

only 3 copies
in stock now

in stock now

Signed by Diana with a special recipe card

Series start set in Ireland
in stock now

Always the Last to Know
June 11 2:00 PM
in stock now

in stock now

Riley Ellison
in stock now

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series
in stock now

My Pick for best June seaside thriller
in stock now

Mary Russell, Holmes, Mrs. Hudson
Imagine summer in 1925 on the Riviera with artists, writers, displaced Russian artistocrats, and a killer
in stock now

Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan Jr
Visit Barcelona!
in stock now

Ali Reynolds
in stock now
Our copies come with exclusive extra material
in stock  now

Sunny Randall
now in stock
An Oxford Mystery
1 left in stock

Savage Son
James Reece #3
in stock now

in stock now

Happy Monday,

We pack four fabulous authors into three days this week, giving you a diverse selection of summer reads. That transport you in time and place, and in stylish prose and propulsive pace.

Ohio's Amish country. Paterson, NJ. 1937/47 ranging from Kauai to a Spanish desert to ... And  ranging around the US with the amazing Mike Bowden, author of the bestselling Blackhawk Down but here digging into true crime.

Enjoy Podcasts    YouTube    Facebook   Instagram  and Twitter visits with a huge range of authors,  and more short book chats or pitches on IGTV which is an Instagram platform you can view. This week we'll chat with Keith McCafferty (and discuss tying flies) and Charles Todd., both to be viewed first on our Home Page.

Look for this image in our Instagram and listen to the recorded recommendation for Parry's A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians, our SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month from a NZ author--thus unsigned.

Lesa does a wonderful job of discovery and recommendation in our Blog bringing in lots of authors for more discovery and recommendations.

And you can find Staff Picks and more in our  Webstore
We do rely on your purchases to fund this range of activities. But we think of them as a service to authors too, something to share and expand

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The July Booknews

Here is the link to the July Booknews

Here is the link to the June Booknews in case you want to review for anything

Here are some of the staff's July Picks

I list the July Paperback Picks below. We will have these and the Staff Picks up for the weekend.

I also list the July Books of the Month below. They also appear on our home page
More New Podcasts
There are even  more new podcasts up. We can see you are enjoying them. Lots of conversations here!

For those who prefer not to stare at a screen but would like to enjoy our conversations with authors, these are for you.

Visit our new Podcasts Easy download links are provided. They are also available on ITunes and Google Music

Don't forget to search for a favorite author. There are many of them, often frequent visitors to The Pen, but some new to us.

New: Timothy Hallinan/Ragnar Jonasson/ Jeff Siger; Paul Doiron in conversation with Tess Gerritsen; Cozy authors Ellie Alexander and Abby Collette; and a trio of debut authors discussing their varied novels and their paths to publishing, good listening for those wishing to be.

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We will update you on reopening the store for shopping after the Fourth Weekend  

Our July Books of the Month
First, thank you for your response to The Pen's Books of the Month. The rise in membership means we can do a better job securing signed and unsigned books for you

The Crime Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
(We renamed the Crime Collectors Book of the Month to this shorter title)

Still working on this selection for July. I am thwarted by one author who is  now in Italy and thus unable to sign. An update coming soon.
British Crime Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Feeney, Alice. His & Hers
Cozy Crimes Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Gerber, Daryl. A Sprinkling of Murder
Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month  One Signed hardcover First per month
[Fantastic = fabulous, not fantasy]
Farmer, Edward A. Pale
First Mystery Book of the Month Club  One Signed hardcover First per month
Clark, Julie. The Last Flight -- already a NY Times bestseller
Historical Fiction Club  One Signed hardcover First per month
Wade, James.  All Things Left Wild
International Crime Book of the Month One Unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Perrin, Valérie. Fresh Water for Flowers
SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month One hardcover or paperback per month signed when possible. Our July Pick is by an NZ author and not signed.

Still time to sign up for the rest of 2020

Note: going forward with July joining a club means your book will ship separately from any other orders, and Free.

Please email for details and to renew or sign up. 

Our July Paperback Picks

Barr, Nevada. What Rose Forgot
Betley, Matthew. Rules of War
Finder, Joseph. House on Fire
Hall, Rachel Howzell. They All Fall Down
Hendricks, Greer. The Wife Between Us
Koepp, David. Cold Storage
Lee, Patrick. Dark Site
Unger, Lisa. The Stranger Inside
Clayton, Meg. The Last Train to London
Delaney JP. The Perfect Wife
Gerber, Daryl Wood. A Sprinkling of Murder
Goldin, Megan. The Escape Room
Lovesey, Peter. Killing with Confetti
Robinson, Maggie. Just Make Believe
Sáenz, Eva Garcia. The Silence of the White City
Willig, Lauren.  The Summer Country
Wilson, Andrew. I Saw Him Die

Some Signed Bookplates

Our copies of these come with plates signed by the author,
not glued in but laid in

Basbanes, Nicholas. Cross of Snow 

Grisham, John. Camino Winds ($28) -- I know, why didn't they become available sooner? So frustrating.... They are specific to this book  not generic to Grisham

Hillier, Jennifer. Little Secrets ... finally here from Toront o

Due for our August 15 program with Kevin Hearne's Ink & Sigil
a spinoff of The Iron Druid Chronicles

Please understand that authors living in Canada cannot now travel to the US so bookplates, or nothing, is all we have

Linda Castillo
Amish Country
Tonight 6:00 PM
Virtual Book Launch
MONDAY JULY 6 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Linda Castillo signs  Outsider (St Martins $27.99_
Signed books in stock. On sale Tuesday.

Always one to push the envelope with what is at heart a small Ohio town police procedural series set in Amish country, Castillo pens a pure thriller here that allows much of Kate Burkholder's own backstory in. 

What we have is a hard-bitten woman police officer from Columbus who exercises a late-night escape plan to escape execution by corrupt colleagues. A staggering blizzard helps her but as she heads out she enters Holmes County and realizes the only person she can think to trust, a fellow trainee back in their police academy days, might be her salvation. But her car wrecks and hurt, she's taken in by a widower Amish farmer with children. And Adam calls in Kate Burkholder, that fellow trainee, who recognizes Gina Colorosa. Gina's ambition caused a rift, and now her baggage is heavy, but she convinces Kate with her tale of dirty cops. And Kate in turn calls in Tomasetti. Meanwhile those bad actor cops are determined to wipe out Gina and anyone around her.... 

As I said it's a nail biting thriller. Fans of Kate will be pleased to add new dimensions to her character and story.

This is a superb series, one of my favorites. You can order all the Kate Burkholders and read them in order. The plots are stunners but the character development is equally fascinating.

Mark Bowden
Tuesday 4:00 PM
Virtual Book Launch
with Patrick
Mark Bowden, the bestselling author of Blackhawk Down and other work chats with Patrick about  The Case of the Vanishing Blonde and Other True Crime Stories (Grove $27)

Signed books in stock now. For true crime and noir buffs.

I was truly gripped by these stories, especially the one highlighted in the title which is an astonishing exemplar of perseverance and detailed investigation, plus some inspired guesswork

Here's an enthusiastic review that highlights other cases:" 

The six previously published true crime stories in this engrossing collection from Bowden  showcase his gift for narrative nonfiction. 

"The Incident at Alpha Tau Omega" recounts the gang rape of a Penn college student in 1983, providing insights into how both th victim and the accused were treated in a different era, with the culprits eventually receiving what amounted to a slap on the wrist. Whodunit fans will relish "The Body in Room 348," in which businessman Greg Fleniken was relaxing in a Texas hotel room one evening in 2010 when he was fatally "struck from nowhere" by a mysterious something. The lack of obvious wounds led the police to believe he died of natural causes, until an autopsy revealed severe internal injuries. Fleniken's widow was fortunate to get PI Ken Brennan, who appears in other articles, to crack the case. 

In the book's most memorable piece, "why don't u tell me wht ur into," Bowden reconstructs an online sting aimed at child predators via interviews with the FBI agent and the man eventually arrested, and raises thought-provoking questions about entrapment. New readers will want to seek out Bowden's book-length nonfiction after devouring this."

Beatriz Williams
Wednesday 4:00 PM
with John & Barbara
Beatriz Williams chats about  Her Last Flight (Harper $27.99), a thriller drawing inspiration from the life of Amelia Earhart
Signed books available

Basically this is Williams turning her imagination loose on Amelia Earhart with some embellishments and alterations. 
Williams gives us a glimpse at the amazing early years of aviation and the sort of people who made history happen. Told in alternating chapter timelines of 1947 and the late 20s and 30s, Williams weaves two storylines together 

In 1947, photographer and war correspondent Janey Everett arrives at a remote surfing village on the Hawaiian island of Kauai to research a planned biography of forgotten aviation pioneer Sam Mallory, who joined the loyalist forces in the Spanish Civil War and never returned. Obsessed with Sam's fate, Janey has tracked down Irene Lindquist, the owner of a local island-hopping airline, whom she believes might actually be the legendary Irene Foster, Mallory's onetime student and flying partner. Foster's disappearance during a round-the-world flight in 1937 remains one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. 

At first, the flinty Mrs. Lindquist denies any connection to Foster. But Janey informs her that the wreck of Sam Mallory's airplane has recently been discovered in a Spanish desert, and piece by piece, the details of Foster's extraordinary life emerge: from the beginnings of her flying career in Southern California, to her complicated, passionate relationship with Mallory, to the collapse of her marriage to her aggressive career manager, the publishing scion George Morrow [a thinly disguised George Putnam]. As Irene spins her tale to its searing conclusion, Janey's past gathers its own power....

David Rosenfelt
Wednesday 6:00 PM

David Rosenfelt chats about  Muzzled (St Martins $27.99), an Andy Carpenter thriller
Signed books available

Paterson, NJ, attorney Andy Carpenter is almost preternaturally astute about the wickedness people get up to, but it takes a predicament for a dog to nudge him into action. He prefers to be retired. "The beauty of retirement is that it is a permanent situation," he says to his wife and chief investigator, former cop Laurie. She replies: "Our differences are semantic. You consider
 yourself retired; I see it as semi-retired. I think you should come around to my point of view; that way you avoid disappointment...." If you take this case, "it fits right in. You won't feel like you failed at retirement. You'll be a success at semi-retirement." Who could withstand the force of this? So Andy agrees to defend a man charged with murder on the basis that his client risked everything, even his freedom and his life, to reunite with his dog." And behind the crimes is a topic that plays straight into the moment: a new drug trial.

Tickets for Two
TUESDAY JULY 14 4:30 (7:30 ET) Virtual Book Launch
Please join The Poisoned Pen in partnership with Harper Collins to celebrate the launch of The Order (Harper $28.99) with Daniel Silva and CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel in a conversation!
To join us, please purchase a copy.
Once you make your purchase you will receive the confirmation for your purchase which will include a link and password to attend this special Daniel's home

UK author Mark Billingham in conversation with Lee Child

To attend this special event, you must purchase a copy of Billingham's Cry Baby (Grove Atlantic $26), a prequel to the hugely successful London copper Tom Thorne series, from The Pen

Your purchase means you will receive an invitation to the event shortly beforehand.

If you have not read Tom Thorne, this is the perfect chance.

Attendees will be able to ask questions of both authors with the Zoom chat feature.
ThrillerFest 2020 

Check out the International Thriller Writers fabulous virtual  THRILLERFEST  with loads of author pairing up for conversation, writing advice, and much more. 

It might be your best investment of the summer.

Our July Calendar
 please keep checking

MONDAY JULY 6 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Linda Castillo signs Outsider (St Martins $27.99_
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Mark Bowden, the bestselling author of Blackhawk Down and other work  chats with Patrick about The Case of the Vanishing Blonde and Other True Crime Stories (Grove $27)
Signed books available
Beatriz Williams chats about Her Last Flight (Harper $27.99), a thriller drawing inspiration from the life of Amelia Earhart
Signed books available
David Rosenfelt chats about Muzzled (St Martins $27.99), an Andy Carpenter thriller
Signed books available

TUESDAY JULY 14 4:30 (7:30 ET) Virtual Book Launch
Please join The Poisoned Pen in partnership with Harper to celebrate the launch of The Order (Harper $29.99) with Daniel Silva and CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel in a conversation!
To join us, please purchase a copy of    The Order (Harper $29.99).
Signed copies while they last, one per customer. Additional unsigned copies are available.
Once you make your purchase you will receive the confirmation for your purchase which will include a link and password to register for this special event on Crowdcast.

Jeff Abbott discusses  Never Ask Me (Grand Central $27)
Ellison Cooper discusses Cut to the Bone (St Martins $27.99)
Glen Erik Hamilton discusses A Dangerous Breed (Harper $27.99)
Signed books available for all three
Ace Atkins discusses The Revelators (Putnam $27)
Each of our copies includes a Quinn Colson bumper sticker from Atkins
J Todd Scott discusses Lost River (Putnam $27)
Signed books available for both
Spencer Quinn discusses Of Mutts and Men (Forge $26.99)
Signed books available

Camilla Lackberg joins us from Sweden to discuss 
The Golden Cage (Knopf $26.95)

Australian Author Anna Downes discusses The Safe Place
(St Martins $26.99)
MONDAY JULY 20 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Brad Thor discusses Near Dark (Atria $28.99)
Books signed by Brad for us available but order soon before we sell out. Our copies also come with a special Postcard
Jim Butcher discusses Peace Talks (Ace $29)
Harry Dresden
Signed books available

Joe R. Lansdale discusses  More Better Deals (Mulholland $27)
with Patrick
Signed books available
Patrick hosts Gary Phillips in a discussion of Gary's new book Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem
(Polis Books $16)
SATURDAY JULY 25 2:00 PM Cozy Fun
Daryl Gerber discusses A Sprinkling of Murder
(Kensington $15.95)
Maria DiRico discusses Here Comes the Body (Kensington $7.99)
James Carlos Blake discusses The Bones of Wolfe (Grove $26)
Neal Griffin discusses The Burden of Truth (Forge $27.99)
Signed books available.
Shawn A. Cosby discusses Blacktop Wasteland (St Martins $26.99) with Patrick
Signed book available
TUESDAY JULY 28 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Brian Freeman discusses Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Evolution (Putnam $28)
Signed books available
UK authors Alice Feeney discusses His & Hers (Flatiron $27.99)
Our July British Crime Club Book of the Month
Samantha Downing discusses He Started It (Berkley $26)
Signed copies available
Adele Parks discusses Lies, Lies, Lies (Mira $17.99)
Stephanie Wrobel discusses The Recovery of Rose Gold 
(Joseph $35) Signed copies. 
This title published in the US as  Darling Rose Gold (Berkley $26) Unsigned

THURSDAY JULY 30 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Karen Dionne discusses  The Wicked Sister (Putnam $28)
Signed books available
Nicholas Griffin in conversation with John Sandford about Griffin's
Our copies come with a postcard of 1980s Miami

Erica Ruth Neubauer discusses Murder at the Mena House  
(St Martins $27)
A few Signed books remain for our August First Mystery Book of the Month
MONDAY AUGUST 3 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Karin Slaughter
discusses The Silent Wife (Morrow $28.99)
Preorder your signed copy to get an exclusive: a cell phone wallet to go with the book. FREE SHIPPING FOR the book.
TUESDAY AUGUST 4 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Rhys Bowen discusses The Last Mrs. Summers (Berkley $26)
Her Royal Spyness

New & Notable
Broom, Sarah M. The Yellow House ($17). 

The winner of the National Book Award is memoir from a stunning new talent about the inexorable pull of home and family, set in a shotgun house in New Orleans East. A book of great ambition, The Yellow House tells a hundred years of her family and their relationship to home in a neglected area of one of America's most mythologized cities. This is the story of a mother's struggle against a house's entropy, and that of a prodigal daughter who left home only to reckon with the pull that home exerts, even after the Yellow House was wiped off the map after Hurricane Katrina.

Cluess, Jessica. House of Dragons (Random $18.99). 

Library Reads says: "First: dragons. Need I say more? Fine-then let's throw five competitors from rival houses into a top-secret competition for the emperor's throne where only one will emerge victorious... and the others will die. But this time the calling seems to have gone terribly wrong, and the candidates range from a stable hand to a bastard to a girl with illegal magic. Yet none can escape their fate, and so the games begin. There will be betrayal, there will be blood, and there will be fire. Cluess has created a sweeping start to a series that is sure to enthrall Readers Ages 8 and up."

Ellis, Bella. The Vanished Bride ($16). 

Yorkshire, 1845. A young wife vanishes. "Appropriately gothic touches as well as the author's solid research on the lives and works of the Brontës-including cameos by their dissolute brother, Branwell; their good-hearted father, Patrick; and Charlotte's clumsy future husband, Arthur Nicholls-enrich a diverting adventure. "The Brontë sisters as sleuths-what a delicious idea! Bella Ellis has brilliantly recreated the feel and atmosphere of the Brontë novels, as well as bringing the three sisters (and their dissolute brother) vividly to life. What's more, it's a rattling good story!"--Rhys Bowen

Gerber, Daryl. A Sprinkling of Murder (Kensington $15.95).

Courtney Kelly, the proprietor of the Open Your Imagination fairy garden store, doesn't just believe that fairies are real; she has proof to share. Her store is home to Fiona, a mischievous fairy who's in a sort of remedial fairy-in-training program to get her adult wings. Apparently her propensity for pranks in fairy school has obliged her to demonstrate to the queen fairy that she's serious about her do-gooding duties. When Courtney becomes a suspect in the murder of Mick Watkins, the owner of the Wizard of Paws grooming salon, it seems like the perfect time for Fiona to give Courtney an assist that the queen fairy will notice. If Courtney's innocent, though, who's to blame? Kirkus Reviews adds: "In this old-fashioned cozy... 25 pages of appended recipes...complement the fairy focus of the story with some serious calories." And so, whether you cook or not, this is our July Cozy Crimes Book of the Month.x

Lovesey, Peter. Killing with Confetti ($16.95). 

As a New Year begins in Bath, Ben Brace proposes to his long-term girlfriend, Caroline, the daughter of notorious crime baron Joe Irving, who is coming to the end of a prison sentence. The problem is that Ben's father, George, is the Deputy Chief Constable. A more uncomfortable set of in-laws would be hard to imagine. But mothers and sons are a formidable force: a wedding in the Abbey and reception in the Roman Baths are arranged before the career-obsessed DCC can step in. Peter Diamond, Bath's head of CID, is appalled to be put in charge of security on the day. Ordered to be discreet, he packs a gun and a guest list in his best suit and must somehow cope with potential killers, gang rivals, warring parents, bossy photographers and straying bridesmaids. The laid-back Joe Irving seems oblivious to the danger he is in from rival gang leaders, while Brace can't wait for the day to end. Will the photo session be a literal shoot? Will Joe Irving's speech as father of the bride be his last words? Can Diamond pull off a miracle, avert a tragedy? The relevance of confetti is revealed. The real reason to delight in his book is Diamond Dagger and MWA Grand Master Lovesey's delight in Bath Abbey and the Roman Theater across the way. He revels in the architectures, traditions, histories, stained glass at the Abbey.... You will too.
Mystery-of-the-Month Club 

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