Submissions are being accepted for models ages
12 months to 10 years with diverse disabilities for the
Toys R Us Differently Abled Catalog
toys r us ad      

DSiAM will not be sending submissions for this opportunity.

Toys R Us works directly with the community on this and asks for

each parent to submit their own child rather than getting submissions

from a talent agency or casting liaison like DSiAM.

Use the Casting submission form found here:


Toys R Us is once again taking talent submissions for models for their 2013 Differently Abled Catalog.  They are looking for children ages 12 months to 10 years with diverise disabilities.  They will shoot in New York or Los Angeles, but haven't decided yet.  In the past they have had photo shoots in both locations.  They are only using "local hires" meaning they will not be providing travel expences for anyone.  If you live outside driving distance and still want to submit your child, be sure to mention on the casting form that you would like to be a considered a "local hire" and would pay your own travel expenses.  As a Talent Advocate I would tell you never to do this, but my mother's heart says its a great experience for you and your child if it is something you want to do and can afford.



Do feel free let Toys R Us know on the casting submission form that you are a client of DSiAM, they know we send them good people.


FYI: New York and California both require entertainment work permits for working children, so if you are serious you should apply for one in the city your child is apt to be workign in.  Once you get your work permit let me know you have it and when it expires so I can update your DSiAM file.


Work permit information: California  New York


All submissions are to be mailed to Toys R Us by Friday, April 19, 2013 


Here are some past cover models who are DSiAM clients:

Elijah, Katelyn and Saskia

elijah trukatelyn trs    saskia tru  
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