November 22, 2020
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30th Year Anniversary! 1990 - 2020
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The Broadway Musical ANNIE NEW Show Dates:
March 19 - 29, 2021
Peabody's Black Box Theater
22 Foster St., Peabody, MA

We are holding AUDITIONS for more open spots in December.
Roles open for Leading Orphans and the role of Annie (Double Casting all child roles.)

Drawing by Joshua Madruga of our current cast.

Costume pieces/ props For Sale/Rent
Sometimes we have items for sale or rent. If you have a school project or a local play coming up, let us know what you are looking for. Thank you!
Sign ups for Neverland's Brady Bunch
Zoom Episode
In the summer of 2019 Neverland produced a groovy and silly show featuring four Brady Bunch TV Show episodes (using word-for-word scripts) where adults had the chance to portray the Brady Kids.

If there is new interest, we are going to cast for one episode that can feature adults, teens and children to be filmed on ZOOM.
If there is a big enough interest, we will double cast doing the same episode, or two different episodes.


You would receive the script ahead of time. (No memorization needed but would ask you become very familiar with your lines.) We will have one zoom rehearsal then a second meeting to record it.

Director Andy Diskes will then take the recording and edit it and add sound and special effects and make it a fun, groovy episode that you can have for posterity and show to our family and friends.

When Neverland officially shows it, we will ask for a small donation from viewers to help with Neverland Theatre's ongoing costs that keep coming, ($700 a month) even though our theatrical shows are on pause. (The final product would be ready five weeks after the filming day.)

Email Andy at that you are interested in being in the show and are available for the rehearsal and filming days and are able to pay the show fee and understand it is non-refundable.

If we need to see an audition recording, we will let you know. You can send a video performing a monologue or any kind of scene you like, preferably a comedic scene. (Or you can read a serious scene, overly dramatic which should result in a comic effect.)

We will provide costumes, wigs and a green screen cloth to place behind you.

Zoom Rehearsal:
Saturday, Dec. 5th: 12pm - 3pm

Zoom Filming:
Sunday, Dec 6th: 3pm - 6pm

The above times reflects one cast. If we have enough to double cast, we will have to expand our times and split the times between two casts.

(Money raised will be used for Neverland's monthly costs)

Ask about Sibling/ Family Discount
If you are interested, please email Andy at

Check out our first
two episodes of
The Bad Joke Show!



July 16 - 25, 2021

Peabody's Black Box Theater
Choreography by Mariana's Dancing Studio of Ipswich!

Auditions in Spring 2021