April 20, 2016 |

Castle Doctrine Roundtable
U.S. Law Shield gathered the opinions of attorneys from across the country to weigh in on a legal scenario from Australia, in which a convicted rapist was found in a home with a little girl. Click to see how the situation might play out in Virginia:
Upcoming Virginia Gun Law Seminars and Workshops
U.S. Law Shield of Virginia has several upcoming Gun Law Seminars and Workshops scheduled across the state. Click to find a location near you and bring a friend to come and talk with the lawyers!
Fill Out A Legal Emergency Plan Today!
U.S. Law Shield of Virginia members should take a look at a free service we offer that could be your lifeline when you're caught up in the legal system: The Legal Emergency Plan.
New Fast And Furious Documents Reveal DOJ's Efforts to Obstruct Congressional Investigation
A memo by a House Oversight Committee chairman alleges that senior officials at the Department of Justice withheld key materials related to the botched gunwalking operation.
Mississippi Goes 'Constitutional Carry'
Mississippi now allows unlicensed "Constitutional Carry." Click to see what a U.S. Law Shield independent program attorney thinks about this expansion of gunowners rights:
Show You Are 2A Proud
Show your 2A pride by displaying your very own gun-packing bear - the limited edition George "Mason" the Bear Bobblehead. Use promo code "MEMBER" at checkout to get a $5 member discount. Click on Mason's picture to see the offer details:
Gun News: Dog Beat Down, Hillary, Aguila, Stern, Saints, Church Carry
Click to read how Ms. Clinton gets her facts checked, to see how Aguila is making a splash in domestic ammo sales, to hear how radio DJ Howard Stern argues passionately for gun rights, and more...
Iowa Legalizes Suppressors
Iowa became the 42nd state to legalize suppressors when House File 2279 was signed by Governor Terry Branstad on March 31. Click to see what else the new law does:
LEO Speakers Wanted - U.S. Law Shield
It's exciting how fast we're growing, and we're looking to add Law Enforcement Officers as speakers at our seminars and workshops.

Are you an active or retired LEO who would be interesting in speaking at our events? Or do you know a Law Enforcement Officer who might be interested in speaking to Law Shield members?

If you or someone you would recommend want to be considered as LEO speakers, please email résumés to me at davidd@USlawshield.com.

David Donchecz
Vice President of Member Services
National Firearms Act Program