We have received a few emails from Artisans letting us know that someone is trying to sell our emailing lists.

This email is to let you know that we never sell, lease or share our emailing lists.

The list being offered is BOGUS.

We use Constant Contact to manage our emailing lists. And I am assured that our Constant Contact account has not been hacked.

We have a fully encrypted Wordpress Website with an active Secure Socket Layer and we have been assured that our Wordpress Site has not been hacked.

I have contacted my lawyer and my local police department to discuss and report this attempted fraud.

Be assured we have not been hacked, we do not share our lists and the list offered is not from us.

If you receive and email offering to sell you our email list, please forward it onto me at terry@castleberryfairs.com
Preferably save it and send it to me as an attachment.

Thank you,

Terry Mullen
Castleberry Fairs & Festivals