September News from Cat Care Clinic

Cat Care Clinic 
is Celebrating
30 years!

Our Cat-friendly Referral Program rewards you for helping other cats. For each new client that names you as the referrer, we will credit $30 to your account AND your friend gets $30 off their first appointment. 
Meet Cicely:
looking for love and a home to call her own

Cicely is our latest kitty available for adoption through Angel's Wish Adoption. She was found as a stray with her kittens, but you'd never believe that when you see how much she loves to snuggle with everyone! We love caring for her but she'd love a home to call her own. Call us or come by to meet her and get some great cat cuddling!

Current Clinical Trial Opportunities:
CCC is always honored to be chosen for specialized research in the area of feline health and medical improvement. Many of our clients also enjoy potentially improving the options for cats suffering from health problems. It's a bonding experience, may help your cat, and may help many cats and other species in the future. 

Study #1: Does your cat have problems with constipation? 
We are looking for cats with recurrent constipation (not passing feces) for an ongoing clinical trial.  If qualified, your cat will receive free exams, free blood/urine/fecal testing, and a therapeutic diet intended for cats with constipation  As a bonus, owners of eligible cats will receive financial compensation.  If interested, please click the link below for more information:

Study #2: Has your cat been losing weight? Has she/he been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease?
We are participating in a clinical research study evaluating a new treatment for the management of weight loss in cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Cats may be eligible if they have CKD, have unintentionally lost weight and are on a stable diet.  If your cat is enrolled, all study expenses will be covered.  You may receive clinic credit in exchange for your time.  Please contact Cat Care Clinic 608-833-9750 or to find out if your cat might be considered for eligibility.

These studies are open to existing AND new clients

Cat Care in the Community
Consider contributing to a few of the many areas with which CCC 
is active in the community. Join us!

Wisconsin Companion Animal Resources, Education, and Social Services (WisCARES) 

WisCares is an outreach partnership at the University of Wisconsin that provides basic veterinary medical care, housin g support and advocacy, and other support services to Dane County pet owners who are currently experiencing or are at risk of homelessness, as well as those who are unable to pay for veterinary medical services needed for access to housing. 

We at Cat Care Clinic are happy to donate space in our boarding facility plus love and care for cats displaced and unable to stay with their people until they find a new home.

Bark and Wine at Dane County Humane Society

Cat Care Clinic is proud to a "Cat's Meow" sponsor Bark and Wine annually. Madison area is fortunate to have a humane society as good as our Dane County Humane Society and we are eager to help them in any way we can.  Bark and Wine is a fun event to enjoy an evening at the Humane Society and help raise money for all of the wonderful things they do! Join us!

University of WI-School of Veterinary Medicine

Cat Care Clinic enjoys mentoring students that take special interest in devoting time to focus on feline handling, medicine, and surgery.  Each year we host several students close to graduation to give them an inside look on specialty feline veterinary practice and why it's what our feline friends need.  

New this year, Cat Care Clinic has started contributing to the UW Foundation with an annual scholarship to a student that has shown particular passion for continuing their career focused on working with and helping felines. 

Another Successful 
Paws for Pints:
A Celebration of Cats!

Thanks to everyone that enjoyed the event and helped raise money for Dane County Humane Society this year! And special thanks to all of our sponsors and those that helped run the event!