April Newsletter: An update from CCC
Plans this weekend?
Wisconsin Film Festival will be in full swing and there are two great films for cat lovers of the area:

Infurmary is a documentary featuring a Cat Care Clinic patient, Clara, as she is admitted to our hospital for a dental procedure.  Step by step (warning, not for queasy stomachs), it shows her day as she has a dental procedure including molar extracted by Dr.Bunger.  It's short (only about 5 minutes) but a great piece made by a UW Communication Arts student.  We're proud of her accomplishment of making it to the film festival and VERY proud for CCC to be featured! *post-party at HopCat! Come join us!*

Frank and the Wondercat is another movie for cat lovers.  This is a Canadian production, showing twice this weekend.  This is a full length film about a man and his relationship with his cat, Pudgie Wudgie.  It is a special documentary that reminds us about people and their unique relationships to their pets. 
Our Arthritis and Anorexia Field Studies Conclude
Thank you to all of you who had cats enrolled in one of our two recent field trials.  Our arthritis study, which involved a two month commitment from each participant, is coming to an end.  We've seen noticeable improvement in many of the cats in this trial, so are very anxious for the next phase of this study and hopefully an FDA approval of this product and release to the market soon!  So many cats will benefit from another safe, effective treatment for common arthritis pain.

Our second, shorter study for an injectable drug to treat loss of appetite has been completed as well.  This was a shorter trial, involving only a 3-4 day commitment from participants.  Again, we are hopeful that this product will go into it's next phase and be available for use in the veterinary market soon. 

Cat C ar e Clinic is honored to be chosen by leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to aid in differe nt phases of investigational therapies.  This reflects our commitment to practicing the best medicine, keeping our hospital up to date in all areas, having staff expertly trained in veterinary medicine, retaining meticulous medical records, and demonstrating overall professionalism in the veterinary community.  And, great client involvement is a very important factor too...thank you!
Case of the Month
This month's case is the story of a handsome  young long haired white and tabby boy named Teddy Bear. Teddy got himself into some trouble when he snuck off while his parents weren't looking and managed to swallow a very common cat favorite: a sparkle, or glitter ball.
Shortly after we posted this blog on our website, we had another kitty who swallowed a sparkle ball. Luckily this one was retrievable from the stomach with an endoscope, no surgery.

don't leave small objects like sparkle balls available for ANY cat when unsupervised. Enjoy plenty of chase and play time with your cat, then store them away safely.

Congrats to our latest winners of a FREE YEAR of Royal Canin Dental Diet!
Aristotle and Epictetus
(aka Tetus and Totle!)
These girls did great for their dental procedures and Sanos dental sealant application
The Sno-Shoo Fund

                                        What was once known as the Cat Care Clinic Help Fund has officially received a new title, The Sno-Shoo
Fund. Contributions to this fund are gathered from CCC fundraisers such as our Cats of Cat Care Clinic Calendar and Paws for Pints.  Additional funds are also received from past and present clients and other.  The money is used primarily to help cats in need of care, which may be homeless or have special circumstances where curative care is not financially affordable.  Funds also go toward other community events and organizations. 

Sho-Shoo himself is a lovely seal point Birman.  His mother, Bonnie, is dedicated cat lover and a generous supporter of charitable acts that the prior Help Fund, and now Sno-Shoo fund supports.  We're honored to have Sno-Shoo as the model for our help fund, and commit to continue to do great things with the fund into the future. 
Here's a sneak preview of our prior "consultation room"...soon to be enjoyment/relaxation/play room! It's complete with shelves for stalking, wheel for running, and toys for playing.  For our non-furry friends, sit back with a cup of coffee, read through our extensive cat library, and gaze at some whimsical Andy Warhol cat prints.  This will be a true multi-function room...fun for all!

We still have 2016 Cats of Cat Care Clinic Calendars available! 100% of proceeds from the sale of these will go to the Sno Shoo Fund.  We'd love to sell them all!
1 for $5 or 3 for $12
Happy Spring from all of us at Cat Care Clinic!  

Kat Luther, DVM
Carrie Bunger, DVM
Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP

 And the rest your feline loving team at Cat Care Clinic