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Moving anytime soon? Tips for traveling with cats!
$10 Mail-in Rebate Coupons - with certain purchases of Comfort Zone with Feliway
Time for the spring cleaning sale on Anti Icky Poo. 3 Quart Bundles 8% Off.
Cat toys are Springing up! The gift set of 10 cat toys is on sale. Save 35%!
Two feel-good videos about kitties. A blind kitten plays with his first toys and a mother cat nurses a squirrel.
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Moving anytime soon? Tips for traveling with cats!

  • As you start to pack boxes spray Feliway on them which will make them less scary to your cats. We think one squirt per box, once a day is all you need.
  • On the big day give each cat some of our Homeopet "Digestive Upsets" and keep giving it to them until you reach your destination.
  • Before putting the cats in their carriers spray the padding with Feliway. One or two squirts are enough. Let the pad sit in the air for 10 or 15 minutes before you place it and the cat in the carrier.
  • Our water proof pads (see Furniture Protection) are great because they are washable. Cats often "hold it" while traveling by car, but other cats panic a bit and pee or poop.
  • If you are able to spray one or two squirts of Feliway on the car seats where the carriers are.
  • If you can thread the seat belt though the handle of the carrier so that in the event of a fast stop the carriers won't go flying.
  • Are hard plastic carriers better than soft ones? Debatable. We have the hard plastic ones as we feel they protect the cat better and if the cat pees or poops it's easier to clean.
  • If you are traveling by car and there is more than one of you, someone must stay in the car when you make food or gas stops. We have heard of cars - with cats inside - being stolen at rest stops!
  • Keep the Do Not Disturb sign on the door of the hotel AT ALL TIMES. If one of you needs to hunt for food someone needs to stay in the room. Housekeeping could ignore the sign and enter and a cat could escape.
  • Lodging is tough but not impossible. Take a bottle of Anti Icky Poo with you for any accidents. You don't want to leave a mess like that behind because hotel management might tighten up their allowing of animals.
  • As for where to stay we asked our Facebook friends for suggestions of animal-friendly hotels or resources and this is what they said (you should always call the local number of a hotel location first to make sure with any chain, each location has a different actual owner/operator):
    • Amanda likes
    • Alyssa has stayed at Red Roof Inn, but cautions they might be in an iffy part of a town.
    • Becky who has traveled with both cats and dogs uses
    • Shawn once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express with 7 kitties!
    • Debi agreed about the Holiday Inn, and added Comfort Inn, but call first to make sure.
    • Sleigh says the La Quinta chain is very animal friendly (we'd heard that too)
    • Kristy suggests Candlewood Suites
    • Susan tells us that Days Inn did allow animals at one time - call and ask
  • Spray Feliway around the hotel room or install a diffuser. This will help keep the cats calm. Our flower essence formula Calm and Serene will help too.
  • When you reach your new home "prep" the house with Feliway before you let the cats out to explore (or hide) Before you let them out of their carriers at the new house zip through it and spray Feliway "here and there" especially in the room you think most of them will want to hide in. Install diffusers around the house as well.
  • Your best bet is to give the cats one room with a closet and things to hide under (like a bed). Some cats are more curious than others. When we bought our house Betty spent 4 days exploring and marking with her cheeks, then she collapsed and slept for 2 days! The others hid in a closet and slowly came out to explore.
  • To make sure the house is as unthreatening as possible Check the doors on the outside for any cat urine marks from neighborhood cats which may have come by and marked. Look at cat-butt-height for water marks and clean with Anti Icky Poo.
  • Congratulations on the move! I hope it's a beautiful house with wonderful neighbors. Start looking for a good vet clinic now. Yelp is a good place to start, and call the local pet shops. You might also start looking for a great cat sitter.

$10 Mail-in Rebate Coupons - with certain purchases of Comfort Zone with Feliway

We love to help people and their cats. So we begged and cajoled, and got $10 mail-in rebate coupons just for you! These coupons are available with selected bundles of Comfort Zone with Feliway, the legendary cat calming pheremone that has been so successful in urine spraying control and other behavior problems. When you see the cat with the pink bow next to a bundle which offers a coupon it will be stapled to your receipt.

   On the Cat Faeries Feliway page, when you see the cat with the pink bow next to a bundle which offers a coupon, it will be stapled to your receipt.   
And to add to the coolness, as long as we have the coupons and as long as you order the correct bundles you can keep getting rebates - there is no limit to how many a household can have or how many can be included in one order. See how much we love you? We made this happen just for Cat Faeries customers!

Time for the spring cleaning sale on Anti Icky Poo. 3 Quart Bundles 8% Off. Savings on Urine Cleanup That Really Works!

If you used Brand X urine cleaning products this time of year when the weather warms up and odors can return because those other products just don't work. The one and only cat urine clean up that we know REALLY works is Anti Icky Poo. To go with Anti Icky Poo, which literally eats the urine and its odors, proteins and gases, there is a pre-treatment product called P Bath, and Stain Remover to really get that yellow out.

Our bundles of 3 quarts are still on sale. Get cleaning. Reclaim your home. Invite friends over again. Love the smell of absolutely nothing other than your good cooking and pretty springtime flowers.

All of the bundles of 3 quarts (Anti Icky Poo, P Bath, Stain Remover or the combination bundles) are on sale at 8% off! No need to use coupon codes, the sale price is built in. You can see the specials on our Urine Cleanup page or on the Current Specials page.

   3 quart bundles of Anti Icky Poo on sale now! 

Cat toys are Springing up! The gift set of 10 cat toys is on sale. Save 35% for the rest of May! Regular price $57.63 - sale price $37.46.

April showers brought water for your garden and Cat Faeries is showering cats with our wildly popular cat toys. The Cat Faeries SUPER PLAY TIME Feline Fantasy Gift Set of 10 Toys is on sale at 35% off - regularly $57.63 it's only $37.46! That's a savings of over $20.17 over the bundle price and $26.24 off the single toy price!

Cat Faeries toys are handmade for us in the U.S. and filled with our special super-potent wildcrafted catnip. We've got a dazzling assortment right now which we'll hand select just for you. If there are certain shapes or colors your cat prefers use COMMENTS on the order form to tell us and we'll do our best to make them happy!

If you like the element of surprise it brings us more joy than you can imagine to wave our wand and pick out a collection for you.

Cat toys make the best hostess gifts. Bottles of wine or a box of chocolate is so clich´┐Ż. Why not bring your friend's cat a gift or two. You'll be invited back again and again!

Is it too early to stash gifts away for the winter holidays? Not to us. We shop year round so we are never caught in a last minute panic. Store cat toys in zip lock bags and put them in a drawer that persistent cats can't open.

Two feel-good videos about kitties. A blind kitten plays with his first toys and a mother cat nurses a squirrel. Plus a heartwarming article about an Iranian cat who was nursed back to health in San Francisco.

Have a hanky ready for tears of joy. This heartwarming video was sent by my beautiful friend Kay. It's of a blind kitten named Oscar playing with his toys for the first time. The people who adopted this special cat are stellar human beings.



This video is so cute! A sweet mother cat who is nursing her own kittens has adopted and is nursing a baby squirrel too. And the squirrel has learned to purr. How cute is that!



We can't have too many feel-good stories can we? Here's one...

A cute Iranian tabby named Maloos that was found covered in mud, gasoline and wounds on the streets of Tehran has been brought back to good and happy health at San Francisco's Animal Care and Control shelter. He was flown thousands of miles from Tehran to San Francisco after an Iranian shelter arranged to have him transferred to SF's city animal shelter.

Injured Iranian cat recovers at S.F. shelter (article at the SF Chronicle web site)

And finally here is a funny picture to make you laugh!

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