Cat Mom Totes for Mother's Day
Are you looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for your favorite Cat Mom? We have just the thing... Cat Mom totes! The totes come in assorted patterns and contain a towel which matches the tote, a mug with a cat saying, a knit hot pad, a scrubber, a CCS window cling, a CCS id tag, Coco's Colorado grown catnip and a CCS catnip clip. Available through Mother's Day and/or while supplies last. The totes are $50 each.

To purchase click here: Cat Mom Totes
Foster Volunteers Needed
for Bottle Babies and Moms
As with every year, we expect to have a great many kittens, pregnant mothers, and nursing cats in our shelter soon. We need foster volunteers most critically for the bottle babies and the nursing mothers. The mothers with babies are fairly easy to care for as Mom does most of the work! Bottle babies must be fed every two hours by hand, and need assistance in relieving themselves until they are able to do so by themselves. So, fostering a bottle baby takes time and dedication from a volunteer.

This is a tremendously rewarding volunteer opportunity....helping these tiny young ones and mother cats in need. For more information about fostering, please click here and scroll down to the section on fostering. To sign up as a foster, click application to fill out our online paperwork. This is a wonderful way to assist Cat Care Society in its mission of helping homeless, abused, and neglected cats.
Spider and Grizz-
Foster Home Needed

Grizz and Spider, a closely bonded pair, are in urgent need of a foster family to live with until they can be adopted. They are not doing well at the shelter, and we believe a quiet home environment would really help them thrive.

Spider is diabetic, and a foster would need to be able to care for a diabetic cat. We will train the foster to give Spider an insulin injection (very easy with this cat), and how to watch for any signs of diabetic problems. Grizz has no health issues. He just needs to be with Spider, his best friend. The foster home for Grizz and Spider cannot have any other cats, and preferably no dogs.

We will provide food, litter and insulin and will require regular checkups with our shelter vet during their stay. This could be a longtime foster situation-preferably until they are adopted.

Please view them at their recent Petline9 appearance at this link:

If you are able to foster these sweet cats, please contact Jet Stoner at OR 303-239-9680 option 3.
Ask Sue Sioux
Dear Sue Sioux,

Can cats drink milk?

Dear cat person, 

We cats are actually lactose intolerant, and consuming dairy products can lead to tummy troubles. Kittens have an enzyme in their stomachs that allows them to break down the lactose in their mother's milk, but adult cats don't have this enzyme. We lose the ability to digest milk sugars and milk will only cause us problems.

Thanks for asking.

Your furry friend,

Sue Sioux
Tinman Needs a Home
Hello friends. I am Tinman! I'm a chatty older gentleman who is looking for the perfect human to spend the rest of my life with. I can be a bit sassy at times, but I'm usually very friendly. I like to explore my surroundings and visit with you about everything I see. I also enjoy comfy beds to lie in when I'm not buzzing around checking things out.

I was surrendered to Cat Care Society for litter box issues, but I have not had any problems since coming here. I was put on an IBD food to help with any possible gastrointestinal trouble and that seems to be doing the trick. I do not care for other cats and would prefer to be the only pet in the home.

I would love a home with a human or two who will give me lots of love as well as let me do my own thing. They also should like a cat who chats a lot!
Sue Sioux Portraits
In honor of Sue Sioux's 20th birthday this year, you can make a $25.00 donation and receive an 8x12 canvas print of our birthday girl, the shelter's official mascot! All proceeds go towards the care of our many shelter cats. There are three portrait versions to choose from. These are done by special order and you will be contacted when your order is ready. Link: Sue Sioux Portrait
Adoption Numbers
Throughout the many months of quarantining and the pandemic, Cat Care Society has continued to find loving forever homes for cats in need, enriching the lives of many people. Thank you to our hardworking staff, volunteers, and to you, our supporters, for accomplishing all that we have in difficult times.
Nibbles & Kibbles Cat Food Bank
We are all aware of the food scarcity concerns that many people are currently experiencing, and many pets are in that same situation. Cat Care Society runs a food bank where people in need can get cat food and litter for their pets. The pantry is open from 10am to noon on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. If you are not able to get to the shelter, please contact Jet Stoner at, or call her at 303-239-9680 option 3. She can have the supplies delivered to you.

We always are in need of donations for Nibbles & Kibbles Food Bank, so if you are able to help, we would be very appreciative. As always, thank you for your support!
If you would like to help Cat Care Society with some of our most frequently needed supplies, please visit our Wish List on Amazon. You can have the items delivered directly to the shelter. Thank you for your ongoing support!

We can always use the following things:
  • Dry cat food (any brand)
  • Wet cat food (any brand)
  • Kitten food (wet and dry)
  • Clay litter (clumping and non clumping)
  • New and gently used pet beds
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Soap (hand and dish)
  • Detergent (laundry and dishwasher)
  • Dryer sheets
  • Bleach
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