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Dr. Melissa Beall of IDEXX on FeLV testing
Winn's 2018 Symposium
Sharing the best on cat health

Couldn't make it to the 40th Annual Winn Symposium this year? Listen to the audio from the symposium online and review each speaker's notes on our Symposium Education webpage.

Did you know that all domestic cats have genetic material from an ancient feline leukemia infection of one of their ancestors in their DNA? Dr. Melissa Beall explained that this may help cats become naturally immune to viral infection as adults. The recommendation was made to perform testing on cats intended for important settings, such as with feline blood donors and breeding programs, twice - several months apart - using both the ELISA antigen method and a PCR genetic test each time. Using both technologies can locate the cats with hidden latent FeLV infections. 

Dr. Drew Weigner, Dr. Katie Tolbert,
Dr. Vicki Thayer, Dr. Melissa Beall,
Dr. Glenn Olah, Steve Dale
Dr. Katie Tolbert described that findings from her Winn-funded study demonstrate how the use of certain high-quality probiotics could reduce the ability of tritrichomonas foetus (TF) parasites to adhere to the lining of their cats' intestines. 

Keep in mind that a study showed that approximately 30% of cats present at a large cat show were infected with this diarrhea causing organism. An in vitro model of the intestinal lining has been developed to evaluate the effect of various treatments in preventing or clearing infections. 

Celebrating 50 Years!
Thank you to CFA for Winn's beginning and our donors for their continued impact on cat health. 

Here is to 50 more great years in benefiting cats!

Winn's 50th anniversary celebration, sponsored by IDEXX Laboratories Inc., followed the thought provoking seminars. Lots of food, adult beverages, and interesting conversation filled the room.                                                          

The room sparkled with 
g reen and gold balloons and centerpieces as we celebrated five decades of every cat, every day benefiting through Winn sponsored research and ed ucation.

THANK YOU  again to everyone 
who has helped advance feline medicine in a world where cats live longer and healthier lives.

Winn's Executive Director, Dr. Vicki Thayer, and incoming AVMA President, Dr. John de Jong
Winn on the road sharing about cat health

Winn just returned from the 2018 annual AVMA conference in Denver.

We appreciate all who visited our booth at the conference and enjoyed the many great conversations we had about cats. 

We gave out many of our Research Update handout which describes all of our grants since last fall representing over $500,000 of funding toward improving cat health and welfare. 
Winn's 50th anniversary book, sponsored by Merck Animal Health, was also popular and if you wish to have your own, please email Winn's office at info@winnfelinefoundation.org to order one.

Thank you to all who stopped by!

Independence from FIP fundraiser
Donate to the Bria Fund, #EndFIP

On July 4th, America celebrated the birth of a new nation. Many brave patriots fought for this freedom and independence. The Bria Fund asks you to join us as FIP Patriots to fight for independence... from FIP. 

You may donate to the Bria Fund directly here or through our fundraiser on Facebook, using the donor link. Our fundraising goal for July is $5000 and donations from both sources will be combined towards this goal. Donations to the Bria Fund are only used for FIP Research: no administrative fees are taken and researchers may not use donated dollars for university overhead. Together, we can and will end FIP!

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Does GI small cell lymphoma evolve to a more aggressive form and how often does it happen?

Small cell lymphoma is a common cancer of the intestinal tract of cats. This is a diffuse, infiltrative neoplasm that generally follows an indolent course and may represent the majority of GI lymphoma. It often carries a reasonable long term prognosis and is usually managed with oral therapy (steroids and chlorambucil). Large cell (high grade, lymphoblastic) lymphoma is a more aggressive form of GI neoplasia that more commonly forms focal masses rather than diffuse infiltrates. This form of lymphoma has a significantly lower median survival time and generally requires aggressive intravenous chemotherapy to treat. (more to follow)
Read the full blog post.

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The 2018 AAFP Conference in September
Winn's partnership and presence in Charlotte, NC

A reminder that Winn has partnered with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) to provide educational sessions at their Annual Conference. 

The 2018 AAFP Conference will be held from September 27 - 30 at the Charlotte Convention Center and Westin Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The theme of this year's conference is  Senior & Geriatric Care and Emergency Medicine & Critical Care . WINN has partnered on two sessions which will be presented by Dr. Diane Eigner and Dr. Sheilah Robertson on Friday, September 28. Dr. Eigner will discuss Quality of Life Assessments, Feline Hospice, & Palliative Care and Dr. Robertson will discuss  when, how, and where to say goodbye . For more information on the conference such as the agenda, additional sessions, abstracts and speaker bios, visit the AAFP website at  www.catvets.com/education . Registration opened in June - sign up soon!

Visit Winn's exhibit booth while at the conference!

Upcoming New York Cat Film Festivals 
Morristown, NJ on July 22nd and Sante Fe, NM on July 29th

The New York Cat Film Festival is traveling the country with two 70-minute programs showing a medley of short cat films. The Morristown, NJ venue is the The Morris Museum. Sante Fe, NM's showing will be located at the Jean Cocteau Cinema.

Winn Feline Foundation has been named as a charitable beneficiary by the Cat Film Festival.

A Tip to Leave a Loving Legacy
For July 2018

Blended families, where one or both spouses have children from another partner, may present special challenges when making your estate plan.  People may wish to provide for their spouse for life and give the children inheritances after the surviving spouse dies.  But outright bequests to the spouse allow the survivor to make different plans than the deceased spouse intended.  

Winn has information available about planning for your estate and leaving a loving legacy on our website. Also, there also monthly planning and tax tips going back through 2015. You can view our Planned Giving page here.

For any questions, please contact info@winnfelinefoundation.org

Honored Donors, $100 or more
For June 2018

Winn sends a giant  THANK YOU to all our generous donors for June.  The list was too long to display in an email content block.

The table of our June Honored Donors is linked here

You make a difference in the lives of cats!

Thank You!

What's Ahead

July 22nd: New York Cat Film Festival in Morristown, NJ

July 21st and 22nd: Meow Meetup in Rosemont, IL (Chicago) - Steve Dale is Keynote Speaker

July 21st and 22nd: Garden State Cat Show in Edison, NJ  
Visit the Winn booth!

July 29th: New York Cat Film Festival in Sante Fe, NM