"Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn-Funded Research"
Philip Fox, DVM, MS, DACVIM/DECVIM (Cardiology), DACVECC
Feline Research Award
Dr. Philip Fox is recognized for Excellence in Feline Research

Dr. Philip Fox, head of cardiology and director of the Caspary Research Institute and Education Outreach at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, is this year's 
recipient  of the AMVA/Winn Feline Foundation Excellence in Feline Research Award. Dr. Fox received the award at the NIH Young Scholars Symposium held at Texas A&M in College Station, TX the first weekend of August. He commented, "The National Scholars Student Symposium was very informative, nicely organized, and a lot of fun. I was honored to receive this award for research excellence in feline medicine by the AVMA/WINN Feline Foundation."

Dr. Fox was the principal Investigator of a multi-year Winn-funded study, 
W09-017, titled "Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM): Five-year outcomes and risk assessment". His research is the center of a large nine-year international epidmiological study to better understand the risk of HCM in cats. The study included 1,730 cats from 50 veterinary centers in 21 countries.

He was one of Winn's two speakers at our 2014 annual Winn Symposium in New Orleans. The audio from his presentation is available in our podcast library and transcripts of the talk are also available on our website.

The results from this large and hugely significant study have been published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (JVIM). Winn has published on our Cat Health News Blog a summaries of the final progress report and Part One and Part Two of the JVIM publication.

Purina's Cat Health fall newsletter will feature an article about Dr. Fox and this important study about HCM in cats. We will be glad to share the article with you when it is published.

Two More Amazing Scholarship Recipients!
Winn and AVMF collaborate to offer two $2500 scholarships.

Laurel Krause, of the 2020 class of Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, was selected to receive a $2500 scholarship provided through the collaborative effort of Winn Feline Foundation and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF).
Laurel Krause & Rasputin
Laurel's leadership, scholarship and interest in feline medicine led to her selection from a large pool of applicants. During her time at CSU, she has developed an interest in clinical research studies around novel causes of chronic kidney disease and infectious diseases in cats. As she states, " I am very lucky to have had many special cats in my life-Buttercup, Vladimir, Casper, Luigi, and now my most recent foster-fail, Rasputin. In this regard, I am not unique among cat owners (rather, people who are owned by cats!).  Post-graduation, I will be seeking an internship and residency in small animal internal medicine, with the goal of becoming a cat specialist."

Taylor Opgenorth and friend
This year Winn and AVMF agreed to offer two $2500 scholarships due to an outstanding group of applicants. The second recipient is Ms. Taylor Opgenorth, from the 2019 class of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. Taylor also has exhibited outstanding leadership and scholarship during her time at the university, she works at the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory where she processes samples and performs PCR testing. Taylor comments, "I had the opportunity to perform research through the UW Shelter Medicine Program on the H7N2 outbreak in New York City cats. For the study, I performed  viral isolation on serial samples over a number of days to determine the length of time cats were shedding active virus." 

Winn and AVMF believe both students will continue to have a significant impact on the future of feline medicine. Congratulations to both scholarship recipients!

Cures4Cats Day-October 20, 2018
A new health campaign arriving soon!

This year, to support our Cures4Cats awareness program and celebrate our 50th anniversary, 
Winn Feline Foundation will be to announcing the launch of a new campaign to find answers for feline kidney disease (FKD). 

Watch our social media, website and Winn Wins for further details around the first part of September on how you can join Winn in finding answers regarding feline kidney disease.

To learn more about Winn's Cures4Cats program, please visit our website.

Belong to Winn's Nine Lives Society-
Planning a Loving Legacy
For August 2018

If you or your family have established a gift to Winn Feline Foundation as part of your will or estate planning, Winn has founded a legacy society as part of our planned giving program.

Winn will offer website recognition for those members who wish to be acknowledged for a lifetime legacy of support for feline health. Additional benefits will also be provided as Winn launches the society in the coming few months. 

Download Winn's Nine Lives Society flyer.

If you wish to belong to the Nine Lives Society,  please contact 

Winn has information available about planning for your estate and leaving a loving legacy on our website. Also, there also monthly planning and tax tips going back through 2015. You can view our Planned Giving page here.

Facebook Fundraisers
A way for you to support cat health!

Many cat lovers are reaching out to friends and family through Facebook fundraisers as a means of supporting future cat health studies.

Because a large percentage of the Facebook fundraisers are to support the Bria Fund for FIP research, the fund's founder, Susan Gingrich, has provided information on how to set up such a fundraiser for FIP and other research support.

#Cures4Cats    End FIP#

Enjoy our Cat Health News Blog
A primary source for current cat health information.

How should we use antimicrobials in cats?

One of the important discussions in the medical field is related to the use or overuse of antibiotics and the potential consequences of the inappropriate use of these antimicrobials.

A recent Cat Health News blog summarizes a recent evaluation of this issue with a cat-centered focus to the report.
"In this era of One Health, responsible antibiotic stewardship is required of all providers in human and veterinary medicine.  Development of multi-drug resistant bacterial strains, loss of antibiotic efficacy, and poor patient outcomes are among the possible consequences of antibiotic use in diseases that actually do not involve bacterial infections, or the use of antibiotics not targeted to the pathogens involved in bacterial infections". 

View our Cat Health News blog and sign up to have the blog delivered directly to your email or a RSS feed.

An AAFP Conference Partner
Stop by and visit Winn in Charlotte, NC in September

The 2018 American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Conference will be held from September 27 - 30 at the Charlotte Convention Center and Westin Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The theme of the 2018 AAFP Conference is Senior & Geriatric Care and Emergency Medicine & Critical Care. There will be over 65 hours of feline specific CE provided with each individual being able to earn up to 30.5 hours. For more information on the conference 
such as the agenda, sessions, abstracts, and speaker bios,  visit the AAFP website at  www.catvets.com/education . Registration opened in June - sign up soon! Winn will be there, so why not you?

Visit Winn's exhibit booth while at the conference!

Upcoming New York Cat Film Festivals 
Coming to a city near you,the destinations for August and September

The New York Cat Film Festival is traveling the country with two 70-minute programs showing a medley of short cat films. Montgomery, AL will be the next destination on August 18th at the Capri Theater. There are 10 different locations which will be offering the film festival during September. 

Winn Feline Foundation has been named as a charitable beneficiary by the Cat Film Festival.

Honored Donors, $100 or more
For July 2018

Winn sends a giant  THANK YOU to all our generous donors for July.  The list was too long to display in an email content block.

The table of our July Honored Donors is linked here

You make a difference in the lives of cats!

Thank You!

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