CRAN Cat Tales 1st Quarter 2023
A Cause for Celebration - West and Tennessee beat FIP!
Until recently, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) was always fatal but then thanks to a lifetime of dedication and devotion, Dr Niels Pedersen of UC Davis discovered the cure for FIP: the nucleoside analog GS-441524, also referred to as “GS”. Dr Pedersen’s case study determined that a successful course of treatment with GS441 is *84 days*, administered daily.  
West and Tennessee are the first CRAN cats to go through this treatment and they have both been cured! Our first FIP Warriors!
West had 114 days of treatment, 88 days of injections, 204 pills and 164 days in observation. She initially had a 14 cm cyst and it is non-existent now. Tennessee’s journey was much more complex than West’s. Tennessee received two injections per day for most of the 84 day treatment. He required a blood transfusion and removal of fluid from his chest for several days so he could breathe. He is still being observed to ensure he doesn’t relapse but today, he is perfectly normal. Congratulations Tennessee and West and thank you to their amazing foster who provided all of their care including getting them to all of the vet appointments and daily injections. FIP treatment is not only care-intensive but expensive. Thank you to all the wonderful donors who helped with their treatment.
Though not yet approved by the FDA, many manufacturers of GS441 exist outside of the US. Currently there are several hundred cats that have received or completed their 12 week course of treatment, with tremendous success. If you are considering treating an FIP cat with GS441, a search on social media for “FIP Warriors” will get you in touch with folks who can provide all the information you will need. 
Happy Tales

Ochiba went through some rough times when her owner was unable to care for her. She lived for a time with many other cats and dogs and was terrified. She was almost blind in one eye because her owner was unable to provide the care she needed. With treatment, her eye greatly improved. She would need continuing treatment for allergies but was ready to find her forever home.
Her first adoption in October wasn't a good fit for her but this time Ochiba has found her true forever home with Sam and Isabel and it is perfect for her. She is so loved and spoiled and gets to be the only cat.
Sam and Isabel put so much thought and planning into adding a cat to their family. I knew they were special and it was right for Ochiba. I wish everyone took adding a cat to their family as seriously because it is a huge commitment. I've loved getting updates and photos. "Ochiba has done amazing so far, she has already made herself quite at home here in our house! She was a bit hesitant at first, but within an hour she was snuggling up to me for a nap...She is everything you said she would be and more and is more than we could have ever dreamed of in a cat. She is truly wonderful and it still feels surreal that she is now a part of our family." It has now been a few months and the most recent update “…she is such a dream. We love her so much…and can’t wait to come home to her”.
Barbra Streisand

My CRAN foster kitty, Barbra Streisand, came into my care in August 2021. Besides having a beautiful singing voice, she came with a delightful, inquisitive personality, a love for fuzzy Wubba toys, and a little bit of a diva personality.
She wasn’t quick to warm up but she did accept the new humans who paid attention to her and waited on her. She was comfortably accommodated in my home office.
Barbra objected to almost every new human she met, and she definitely wasn’t one of those adoptable kitties who showed her bright shiny side during potential adoption meet and greets. She could be sullen, or hissy, or swatty. Oh, and she just hated other cats, and dogs. Oh Barbra! I told her that the right person was out there somewhere.
Amy came to meet Barbra in January. I told Amy all the adorable & lovable things about Barbra, and warned her about Barbra’s judgmental tendencies.
Amy walked in, and Barbra was all over her, flirting, chirping, rolling over, rubbing all over this total stranger!
Amy's update (Barbra is now Mia): "She is absolutely wonderful! We are buddies. She is so much fun. If she's not on the couch with me she is in her cat tree watching the neighbors coming and going. She is a part of everything at home I'm doing whether it be napping or hanging out while I wash dishes or fold laundry. She hollers at me when she's ready for bed. Usually give her a treat when we go to bed. She sits on my lap and rides around when I'm in my wheelchair. I can usually tell if she's going to bite or swat at me now. She never chomps down with teeth, she just grabs me enough to let me know to back off. She sleeps with me at night and let's me pet her belly but only at night at bedtime lol otherwise it's a trap. She's been the best thing for me. I'm not lonesome anymore...I look forward to growing old together."
Barbra, I told you that there was someone out there just for you.
Happy forever, sweet girl, with much love your Foster Mom.
1st Quarter CRAN Cat Stats
CRAN Featured at Local Cat Show

We were invited to be the featured cat rescue at the CFA Cat Show in Eugene last month! We met lots of people, shared information about what CRAN does, and received a donation from the show! Brett Boehme featured his kid-run business NinjaCat’s Toy Factory at the Cat Show and donated 20% of all purchases from his booth for the whole weekend, and then continued that donation to CRAN for the rest of March! We really enjoyed getting to meet Brett (and his mom). He is an amazing young man who has made his love of cats into a business. He makes cat toys, t-shirts and other merchandise, all his own designs. He donates part of his proceeds to many local rescues, and this is the second time he has supported CRAN. Want to learn more about NinjaCat’s?
The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats. - Albert Schweitzer

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Jazzy, a truly incredible 9-year old cat lover. Last summer she had a lemonade stand to raise money for CRAN and she is now learning to be a bottle foster! Thank you Jazzy!
Help Wanted!
Our Volunteers are Amazing! As an all volunteer organization, we are forever grateful to the individuals who foster and volunteer with our rescue. Since our inception, we have rescued thousands of cats through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. Our volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the cats in our care and we are forever grateful for them.
And if you, or someone you know, would like to volunteer with us, we are recruiting several key roles:

  • Adoption Counselor: Work with potential adopters to ensure the cats in our care go to loving homes where they can thrive. Adoption Counselors review adoption applications, verify the accuracy of the information, and determine whether it is a good fit for both the family and the cat(s).  
  • Site Leads: Oversees site operations, volunteers and events. Acts as the liaison with site volunteers & CRAN Board.
  • Phone Line Responder: Listen to voicemails from community members and respond as needed - call back or forward to other volunteer
  • As well as: medical, fosters, intake, scheduling, fundraising/events and more! 
If you'd like to learn more about volunteering or fostering, please submit a volunteer application here:
To foster, submit an application here:
Congratulations to our 1st Quarter Volunteers of the Month!
We have the most amazing volunteers! We truly could not do what we do without them (CRAN is all-volunteer. We have no paid staff.). A huge thank you to our 1st Quarter Volunteers of the Month!
January - Sarah Olson
February - Edward Arnold
March - Sonya Carlson
To learn more about these amazing volunteers click here
Training Tips - Crate Training
If you can make your cat's crate a positive thing, it will really help with decreasing stress around vet visits and can help with other emergencies. Starting when they are kittens is ideal but you can also do this with an adult. I did this with my semi-feral stray as part of her socialization and it allowed me to evacuate with her during the Holiday Farm Fire. Keep your cat’s carrier in a favorite spot in the house so that it smells like home. While playing, occasionally toss the toy into the carrier so that she has to run in to get it. You can also toss treats into the carrier, or hide some in there for her to find later. The carrier should be a normal, neutral part of your cat’s life.
Once in a while when she goes into the carrier, close the door. Wait a couple minutes and then let her back out to resume playing.
Try feeding your cat in her carrier to give her another reason to love it.
Once they are comfortable going in the carrier, try taking them for short "field trips" in the car. Start small. First trip try just putting her in the car and then bringing her back in. Next time, start the engine and then back in the house, and finally, a trip around the block.

Special Kitty Corner
Part of CRAN's mission is to help cats with special needs and we have a lot of special needs cats in our care right now. We never turn a cat away due to medical needs and never consider euthanasia except to end suffering when there is no treatment to help. When we were approached about Oreo, we knew he needed our help. It was thought he had been abandoned when he was young. He was scared of people but was warming up to his caregivers. He was very sick and tested positive for FIV so going back out was not an option. His adopter sent us this beautiful account of his journey with her.
Oreo – A Story of Resilience and Trust
Oreo is a shy sweet cat, who had a difficult life. He was part of a small colony we cared for at our workplace. He was always shy and submissive, following his kitty friends wherever they went.
In January 2021, he became very ill with severe upper respiratory symptoms. He began to have difficulty eating and we knew he wouldn't survive long outside without medical treatment. I trapped him and took him to the vet. He needed extensive medical treatment and was diagnosed with FIV. CRAN stepped in to help Oreo get the urgent medical help he needed.
I was fortunate to have a quiet, safe space to foster Oreo through his medical treatments and recovery. I spent as much time as I could with him, just being patient and present every day. I knew that once he was able to interact with other cats again, he may begin to let down his walls. After over a year of medical treatment and socialization, he still wasn’t used to life indoors, didn’t show any interest in being touched, and was still fearful of humans. He would swat at me occasionally, and I knew it was just out of fear.
I played birdsong music for him and securely cracked the window open in his room so he could enjoy the fresh outside air. He ate well and played with all of his toys for hours every night. Slowly, he began to take treats from my hand and come out of hiding while I was in the room. He didn’t understand playing with humans at first, but over time, he began to roll his favorite ball back and forth to me. 
He was always very interested in the other family cats. I made sure to introduce them slowly and cautiously. Once they became comfortable with each other, I decided to adopt Oreo. It didn’t seem right for him to be moved to a different, unfamiliar place. I came to love Oreo so much for his strength and resilience. The time I spent just sitting with him was the most relaxing part of my day. Seeing signs of his progress and happiness was heartwarming.
Late last year, after Oreo had been here for nearly two years, my cat Leo (also a CRAN kitty) began to cuddle with Oreo and it was a major breakthrough. Oreo just adores Leo. Sure enough, with Leo’s help, he became so brave! He comes out to explore the rest of the house every night, has treats with the other cats, and even lets me pet him with Leo nearby. I’ve never seen a cat play so much! He purrs like crazy, chit-chats, and cuddles on the bed with me and Leo. He’s part of the family now and is truly happy here!
Seeing Oreo’s progress through difficult medical treatments, fear of people and fear of being indoors, to blossom into a happy, loving indoor cat has been so rewarding. It took a few years to gain his trust, and it was worth every minute. He’s an inspiration to me every day. I’m so thankful for CRAN’s help in giving him a chance at a happy, healthy life! I hope Oreo’s story can help other shy, scared kitties who also deserve a chance. With patience and care, these special kitties can thrive and give back so much in return.

Medical Corner - Meet the First Fungi Family of 2023
Ringworm is a fungus and is completely curable. Unfortunately, kittens are still often euthanized for this completely treatable condition because of the resources it takes to treat them. CRAN does not euthanize for this (or anything else unless the cat is suffering and there is no treatment).
Meet our first fungi family of 2023! Mama had no visible ringworm but all 5 babies were heavily infected, especially around their mouths and heads. They are sweet and friendly and did not mind their lime sulfur baths, saunas in the heating cage with lots of feasting on wet food to make it all rewarding.
These kittens started treatment 1/28 and graduated 3/25. They had twice weekly lime sulfur baths and daily oral meds on alternating weeks, for 8 weeks. Their cultures are now clear of ringworm and they are ready to get on with life and find forever homes. A huge shout-out to our dedicated volunteers for making this possible.
Want to help cats with special needs get the help they require to be healthy and happy? You can give at or you can mail a check to: CRAN, PO Box 72401, Springfield, OR 97475
228 CRAN Cats Adopted in the 1st Quarter of 2023!
Sweet Charlotte is Looking for Her Forever Person

Charlotte and her six kittens were living under the busy overpass to Valley River Center and rescued by our cat rescue group. They were quickly placed in a loving foster home. Charlotte was a devoted mother who lovingly raised her kittens, and she’s finally ready for her own forever home! She's really shy at first, but once she's comfortable, her sweet personality really shines through. She's quick to purr and is content to either sit right beside you or lie down nearby and stretch herself out as far as she can. Her favorite toys are little mice, which she tosses into the air and chases around. She also loves to "hunt" feathery toys and bugs, but her favorite activity is being petted. When she's not playing or being petted, she loves to look out the window and chatter at the critters on the other side. She is skeptical of strangers and isn't fond of loud noises or sudden movements. Charlotte is a sweet kitty who has made extraordinary progress.

To learn more: Charlotte's Bio
Kitten Season is here and so is our Kitten Shower!
It doesn't seem to matter that it still feels like winter, Kitten Season has started. So far we have taken in 25 kittens in March and will be seeing a lot more in the coming months. To help us care for all of these kittens, we are having a Kitten Shower! It's an easy way to support CRAN and help kittens. Simply go to our registry at: or go to your Amazon account and click on Baby Registry and search for Cat Rescue and Adoption Network. You can then purchase supplies to help us care for the kittens and Amazon will send them directly to us. Keep a copy of your invoice for tax purposes as all donations to CRAN are tax deductible.
Ways to help CRAN
Donate directly at or mail to:
Cat Rescue & Adoption Network, PO Box 72401, Springfield, OR 97475

Support cats while you shop!

Amazon Wishlist - Help CRAN by purchasing much needed supplies to help us care for all of the cats in our program. You can purchase items from our list and Amazon will ship them to us. To get to our wish list click here: CRAN's Wish List or our kitten shower:
Fred Meyer Reward Card - Support Cat Rescue and Adoption Network when you shop at Fred Meyer with your Rewards Card. All you have to do is Link your card and use it when you shop at Fred Meyer. Don’t have a Rewards Card? Stop by the Customer Service desk at any Fred Meyer store and sign up; it’s free.
BottleDrop – Pick up a stickered bag and fill it with your bottles and cans (can be co-mingled) and drop it off at either of the Bottle Drop stations in Springfield or Eugene. CRAN will receive credit for your donation. Bags can be found on the CRAN carts (by the catteries) at PetSmart, Wags! Dog Emporium, Hometown Pets in Springfield, or your friendly CRAN volunteer.
Other Ways to Help:
ResQwalk is a free mobile app that lets you raise money and resources for Cat Rescue & Adoption Network, and all you have to do is walk (or participate in any distance-related activity – walking, running or biking -that can be measured by GPS and involves a speed of less than 14 miles per hour)! You can even just start it and do your daily activities i.e., go shopping, get the mail, garden and get miles! Learn more:
Car Donation Donate a car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or boat you no longer need to support the Cat Rescue and Adoption Network! All vehicles are considered, running or not. The pickup is free and your car donation is tax deductible. Most vehicles can be picked up within a few days and you’ll receive a tax receipt for your donated vehicle. Click here to donate online or call 855-500-7433 to donate!
Real Estate Donation You can donate land, homes, or commercial property to support the Cat Rescue and Adoption Network! Your real estate donation is tax deductible to the amount of the appraisal value and we accept almost any property, so long as there is equity. Even if you owe back taxes or have a mortgage balance! Click here to donate online or call 844-277-4663 to donate!

Want another way to help the cats in our program? Forward this newsletter to cat lovers who aren't on our list.
Safety Tip
Lilies are lethally toxic to cats. In fact, they are so poisonous that a cat can suffer fatal kidney failure just from biting into a lily leaf or petal, licking lily pollen from its paws, or drinking water from a vase containing cut lilies. Initial clinical signs of lily poisoning in cats include vomiting, lethargy, drooling, and loss of appetite. If you suspect your cat has lily poisoning, it is critical to get her to a veterinarian immediately as delayed treatment will result in permanent kidney failure and death.
Rainbow Bridge
Rest In Peace Snow (Rabbit) Blossom (Mrs. Rabbitsky)
April 19th, 2003 - March 27th, 2023
(Adopted from CRAN April 25th, 2018)
Though she didn't quite make it to her 20th birthday, she almost did. I've read somewhere that if you pass close to your birthdate, that you've accomplished everything you were supposed to in your life.
She was only with me for just shy of 5 years but she made a big difference in my life.
"Furever the sweetest soul I've ever known."
Rest well, my dear friend. Romp and play with Tiggr again and all the friends that came before you. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for introducing me to CRAN 13 years ago. You are incredibly loved and I know you felt it multiple times a day, every day. I'm glad the suffering is over. I'm glad I understood what you were telling me. I'll miss you forever, especially in the quiet moments of the afternoon and evening when it was just us. But I know you lived the life you deserved."
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